The regiment blondes arrived: Salma Hayek is no longer a burning brunette (VOTING)

What experiments do not go to the stars to attract the attention of fans. This time the focus of the famous Hispanic actress Salma Hayek. The actress surprised everyone at the fashion Week in Paris, trying on the image of the blonde.

If recently in the world discussing the fact that Kim Kardashian has gone platinum blonde, as well as radical haircut Kate Hudson, now on beauty experiments went 51-year-old Salma Hayek.

By nature, the actress is a brunette with curly hair, which she aligns.

Apparently, the star wanted to change and she became a blonde, really, disguise she did not. Now, in Instagram Salma Hayek showed how he created her image: her wig, but it is very believable.

  • In public, the actress appeared with elongated quads in a bright pink suit.

    Many say, your new hair color flatters her skin tone and overall looks very impressive. What do you think about this?

    Vote How you like the new hairstyle Salma Hayek?
    brunette she much ?????14
    blonde actress very to face: rejuvenates and ??????6
    well, that wig: why spoil ??????2
    super change – always ??????0
    brunette she is much better
    the blonde actress is the face making it look younger and fresher
    well, that wig: why spoil the hair
    super, change is always good