The recent message of Andrei Cherkasov caused a resonance among the fans of “House 2”

And although in his message he decided not to call the names of boys, which were discussed in his post, many have suggested that in the first place Cherkasov meant Alexei Chichica, because Alex of the existing parties could not be better, fit the description. Some of the followers admitted that in his message, Andrew was far from the truth, writes the website life-dom2.su.

However, only a few have supported the young man attempted to hurt ex-colleague “House 2”. Subscribers immediately Cherkasov recalled that he once behaved like a man. Among the disadvantages of a brave officer turned on his attempts to get married 50: 50 with Victoria romanet, trips to restaurants for advertising and more.

“Real men don’t sit on the project. No matter with varnished or without head. Real men work outside the walls of the project building of family there , and aren’t acting like clowns in front of cameras” – wrote fans of “House 2”.