The reason for the divorce of Ben Stiller steel betrayal

Married couple Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor was considered one of the strongest in Hollywood, until, in may of this year, the woman filed for divorce after seventeen years of marriage. In parallel, the pair made a public statement in which he said that he came to this decision mutually, that they remain close friends, and so on. Fans and even many of his friends were unaware that the couple are in crisis, and the reasons for the divorce, until recently, was not known.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, realnymi reasons was looping actor, hypochondriac on your health, that tremendously irritated Christine, and his betrayal with another woman. In fact, the latter played a decisive role in the outcome of their marriage.
“Guilty of divorce is Ben. He became obsessed with another woman, and this has led to the breakup,” said an insider. It turns out that on the set of Stiller met with a young woman, whose name is not called, and just went nuts. “Close friendship” with a colleague affect the sexual life of the spouses that could not hold Christine to continue indefinitely.
Moreover, it was not the first passion of Ben’s other woman. He did not hesitate to heap praise on her when his wife, telling how she is talented and beautiful. Stiller recently denied an intimate relationship with the actress, claimed that he was only her mentor, but his wife didn’t believe a word of it and demanded to stop all communication for the sake of their marriage.
Christine has established in house hidden video camera and caught Ben on the fact that he continues to chat with the actress, despite the promise.
In 2014, the star of sitcoms survived prostate cancer. The tumor was removed, however, since he is in constant anxiety that the deadly disease will return. It also affected the intimate life of the spouses. Ben was nervous, staged tantrums in children and strangers, and every time Christine wanted to help, became more and more aggressive.
Recall that the couple have two children after divorce remain to live with her mother.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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