The quadrantids meteor shower 3-4 January 2018

Spectacular starbursts in 2018 will be a few times. Opens the season of meteor showers, the flow of quadrantid, during which you will be able to fulfill his cherished desire.

The annual meteor shower will pass near the constellation of Bootes. Its activity only accounts for a few days, however, enjoy the sight will be to the naked eye.

The features of the Starfall of quadrantid from 3 to 4 January

Meteor shower will tend to the Earth’s atmosphere in the period 1 to 6 January. However, due to the remoteness of the constellation of Bootes to see it we can only in two days — from 3 to 4 number. Fortune awaits the people living in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth and provided excellent visibility of the sky at night.

A characteristic feature of this meteor shower will be its brevity, but at the same time, the brightness of meteors burning up in our atmosphere. During the Starfall people may feel anxious, but at home we expect small misunderstandings, which, however, will be quickly resolved. Not ruled out relationship problems. Astrology is recommended to spend early January in a relaxed atmosphere, to abandon short-term impulses, and to weigh every decision you make. Eliminate conflicts with loved ones and learn to find compromises. During this period, try to believe only the facts, otherwise, gossip can lead you to incorrect conclusions and actions.

How to spot shooting stars and make a wish

To make a wish during the meteor shower, try to adhere to the simple recommendations. They will help you to catch the beautiful sight and not to miss an opportunity to fulfill the dream. Here are some simple tips:

watch the stream of meteors during its peak;
go to the places where the lighting is minimal, for example, for the city;
think in advance of its desire that it is short and succinct;
if you can, go to the brain, where exactly will be able to see meteors;
follow the weather forecast to the weather conditions did not stop you.

Enjoy astrological event, you can not only in January. Starbursts will be throughout the year so you can plan a trip exactly where you will be able to see the splendor of the night sky with strokes of bright lights. Moreover, during this spectacle you’ll be able to declare his feelings with a loved one and make him the most romantic proposal of marriage.