“The psychics lead the investigation: the battle of the fittest”: the story of Romeo and Juliet

The third series of the season 9 of “Battle of the fittest” was very exciting and really interesting. You will find the story of love and death, as well as the work of three psychics.

Ziraddin Rzayev, Lily Khegai and Zulia Radjabov joined forces in order to find out whether the death was the lovers Vadim and Natasha’s enforced or it was a suicide. Young people were found dead in the garage. The investigation was repeatedly stayed and reopened, but to a definite result has not led. Relatives of the victims were divided into two camps — some believe it was an accident, and most believe that it was murder for revenge.

The young people were in love in high school, but then fate had separated them. They had their family, but the roads crossed again and feelings have flashed with new force. Their death came at the peak of the secret relationship. That’s why people think that someone bent on revenge. As shown by the investigation, the death was caused by strangulation, possibly from carbon monoxide or exhaust gas of the vehicle.

Lily Khegai

Lily was the first psychic that came to the people. The show started near the cemetery, and Lily immediately understood that we are talking about dead people. She found the grave of the girl in the photo. She said that the deceased Natalia was a child of Anton, and his dad doesn’t even pay child support. This only exacerbates the already serious situation.

Nothing first about death, she did not say, except that it happened in one of the small “houses” that have garages. Then the psychic made a firm statement that he died Vadim and Natasha themselves. Killed them. There remained only the question of who is guilty. She said about a tall man, husband of Natasha. He is jealous, but he loved to go to the left. In the end, they divorced. He beat her, threatened her, but this is not it, said Lilia.

Natasha threatened other people, and they, too, knew everything. It is the father with his mistress, who lived in Natalia. They tried to evict her and even threatened to kill her. Finished the winner of season 5 of battle of the psychics on an ambiguous note, but did not dare to blame these people.

Ziraddin Rzayev

Ziraddin immediately felt a special connection with Vadim. Psychic quickly found the grave. He mentioned the crying of the children. That’s right — the grave of Vadim was close to the children’s cemetery. Ziraddin told about how good was Vadim, how much he loved dogs, and even got a tattoo of a wolf. He was talented and strong, was engaged in Boxing and played the guitar. He worked with cars, engaged in repair.

He also had a wife and child. Many of those present knew it only in that moment of Ziraddin. My wife and the guy had a bad attitude. It was the fact that he didn’t love his chosen. He frankly admitted to his family that does not love her. After the psychic showed the photo of Natalia, he immediately called her mistress, confirmed the words of people that lovers from childhood knew each other. He sees the passion that they have tempered together. The horror was all from what he said next. It turns out that Vadim and Natalia was naked at the time, when they are found. According to Ziraddin, their minds were clouded, as if they were drunk. This is due to the fact that they were poisoned by carbon monoxide or gases from the car engine. Anything about the murder, he yet did not speak.

Zulia Radjabov

Most impressed by the people of Dagestan a female psychic. First, it has long led the people in the cemetery, helping them find answers to their questions. She saw the grandmother who asked about the twins. Then talking about Vadim, brother from the second marriage of the father of our deceased hero. Then the woman was asked to approach the sister of Vadim, Natasha, close. Natasha Zulia felt a strong connection with her brother.

Zulia took the hand girl and somewhere to go, but certainly not to the grave of Vadim or Natalia. They came to the deceased husband of the sister of Vadim. He once fought on the motorcycle, leaving the child with his bride. He scolded Natalia for what she wanted to commit suicide.

After this slight digression Zulia, finally switched to our heroes. She also noted the fact that they were without clothes. It was definitely revenge for love, according to the psychic. She told me that Vadim was threatened by the father of the deceased Natalia, but to kill him, he could not, there was no malice in his heart. This is a very confused people who longed for answers.

The scene

The garage, which was found dead Vadim and Natalia was busy and long sold out, so get there nobody could. Zulia said there someone have been hanged in the past, so the place is quite dark. Lovers definitely drugged. Vadim had torn his mouth like he was trying to insert something, and he resisted. The psychics said it was a pipe.

Ziraddin was silent all the time, but then said that this crime has something to do with the crime, known to the Kursk. Four Schoolgirls were raped and killed several years ago. Criminals are unable to prosecute because of problems with evidence and long life of old crimes. One of the girls was the daughter of the concubine of the father of the deceased Natalia. Despite this strange connection, psychic still denied the forcible death of Vadim and Natalia that they put in bewilderment of the guests of the show.

Zulia and Lily, despite the fact that they always have disagreements and quarrels, as well as personal animosity, this time agreeing with each other and came to the conclusion that it was murder. They said the relatives of the victims to those who could be involved in the murder. These people were three. They said that they will certainly find, and if not held accountable, the murderers still get their.

On that note, I had to say goodbye, but the program has left a positive opinion about all three psychics. They had food for the mind, new clues and new hope for justice. This suggests that this time people will again get the expected help from our experts.

Now passes a casting on the 18th season of battle of the psychics, so the battle is waiting for the strongest possible addition to the new experts in the field of magic and psychic ready to help people solve their spiritual problems.