“The psychics lead the investigation: the battle of the fittest”: the investigation into the death of Ilona Novoselova

12 June 2017 killed the dark witch Ilona Novoselova, after falling from the balcony of his apartment. Nobody knows the reasons and details. In this issue you will learn the terrible secrets and everything that was said earlier.

From a severe blow can not recover relatives and friends. Other psychics can’t take the rest of her death, so they talk about it still only in the present tense. In the first issue are shown footage from the first appearance of Ilona in the world of television. IN the “Battle of psychics,” her appearance that will be remembered forever by the operators who feared the appearance of a black cat on the set. After that, she walked off the set, refused to participate. The following year she returned.

Predictions Ilona, her experiences

In all its predictions take part of her deceased relatives. The girl sees the spirits, through which she predicts the future, finds out about the disease and, of course, through which she passed all the tests of battle of the psychics.

Ilona graced the program “Psychics lead the investigation”. Alexander Sheps said that his words about the fact that Ilona was the strongest, the most gifted — this is not an act of good will, and true. So the witch spoke almost all mediums, psychics on the show. They often heard what her fate is decided.

In this issue we have shown, or rather, reminded how easy it was determined the disease of the people, not only those seen at the moment, but those who were far from it. Every time the spirits helped her to do the impossible. On the set of one of the “battles” the girl helped a random person, predicting a problem that can be solved, tying with alcohol. Even the psychics went to Ilona Novoselova for advice, recognizing in her a strong personality, a powerful psychic and even a psychologist.

Many of her colleagues say that she was the most straightforward of all. She did not have to say everything about the person, what she thinks about it. So it was in an important meeting with one of the psychics, when she expressed dislike. She could not stand on the spirit of people who communicate with her. In this issue showed the girl who brought the witch out himself to his disagreement. Its maddening disdain, lack of respect, it was easy to offend, not taking her seriously. She was vulnerable, therefore, could not ignore the misfortunes of others. When she investigated the causes of the death of a boy named nick, all the time remembered how abused and over her in school as she didn’t have a father. The constant Parallels with me showed that she was worried, too. As said in this release Ziraddin Rzayev, all the problems people out of the family. Ilona had no education, she didn’t have the normal bases of communication with people. Indeed, in 12 years the mother took her out of school.

The work of Ilona, her last years of life

Further in this edition closely decided to introduce us to the relations of Alexander Sheps and Ilona. In 14 season battle of psychics, they were friends, and, perhaps, even more than just friends. Then, Battle the strongest they met and lived in solitude for a personal conversation, but it was immediately obvious the tension between them. The voltage appeared immediately after the Battle Marilyn Kerro. It was a time bomb — the girls are very strongly quarreled. On the program “Psychics lead the investigation” Marilyn said she works alone. To poison Marilyn Ilona was treated very warmly. That’s when the girl uttered his famous words: “Then I will die. I’m not afraid of death, I’m ready for it”.

Guests release September 16, said a black bar, predicted by Ilona, was to occur after the theft when they started baiting and baseless accusations in social networks. Golunova said that began to crumble her inner world. Every tragedy on the set she passed through. Golunova also noted that energy Ilona was enormous.

At the end of the issue showed us unique footage from the shooting of Battle of the fittest, when Ilona helped investigate numerous arsons of cars. She had a real black witch rite. In the past we have not shown, but now viewers will witness how to administer and rewrite the destiny of man. All around was uncanny. No one knows what she did actually, but the fires immediately stopped. The very day she said she wants to still live.

Psychics have shared their opinions about the causes of the death of Ilona. All said it was an accident. No one said it was a suicide. She was too strong in order to finish your way.

Great psychic, even after death can make itself felt. Ilona flew a pigeon to his house. The young man said what did not, and then dove scowled and flew away. The police, when the mother is Ilona wrote testimony, flashed the lights and turned off the computer. It is in life he liked to strike fear into people, but after death did not change his weaknesses.

The funeral was to be held in the strictest confidence. Ilona was afraid of what her grave would defile, so she asked about cremation. The young man and the mother went to the sea to scatter the ashes there. The way the girls ended up in the vast depths of the water. This issue has shed light on all of what we didn’t know. We Express our gratitude to friends of Ilona Novoselova for being so honest.