The prosecution appeal the court’s decision on Oscar Pistorius

Paraolympian from South Africa Oscar Pistorius have been struggling to maintain its legal victory and not to sit behind bars for more than it is now. 29-year-old, killed by gunshot of his beloved model Riva Steenkamp, insisting that it was a bitter accident and that he mistook her for the intruder.

On 6 July the judge issued a sentence which, in the opinion of the Prosecutor, is too soft. According to the prosecution, in any other case, the killer would have received a period much larger than the one that got Pistorius. So, it is unlikely that someone else in his place would not have received fifteen years of imprisonment – such term threatened for murder in South Africa.
The Prosecutor’s office has called the court’s decision “shockingly soft” and promised to add Oscar for several years. The athlete’s lawyers think it is unfair.
“The continuation of this survey is not in the interests of justice, is clearly unfair and cruel” — lawyers consider.
Recall that Pistorius received for killing his sweetheart of six years of imprisonment, however, can leave on freedom in three years if prosecutors are not warning in advance.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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