The property johnny Depp is gradually auctioned

Western media reported that on 15 September, will be displayed at the auction, a horse farm, which is owned by johnny Depp.

Hollywood actor tried to sell her last year and asked for the farm 3.5 million dollars. However, buyers on it were not. So the celebrity dropped the price to 3 million, but it did not help.

On the farm, which is located in Kentucky, the home of johnny, there is also a horse stable and barn still brick mansion, which has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, an underground garage, pool and guest house.

Johnny this property in 1995, bought for his mother Betty sue Palmer for 950 thousand dollars. And in 2001, Depp sold the farm for a million, but then in 2005, again bought. Already over 2 million. Today this property is estimated at 2.3 million dollars.

And the reasons why johnny wants once again to leave the farm today is quite obvious. The Western press repeatedly and have long been reports that johnny is on the brink of bankruptcy. Depp recently put up for sale from five of their luxury mansions. And last year the actor sold his luxury yacht for $ 35 million. Now the owner of this luxury – famous “mother” of Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling.

Recall, johnny Depp is also credited with a mental disorder, which is expressed in the irresistible craving for huge spending.