The project psychologist will be leading “the House 2”

So, Mikhail Kozlov has long been a staff psychologist “House 2”, and although his methods were often appreciated by the fans of telestroke, nobody was going to fire him. And recently did it became known that the leadership suggested the man to try yourself in the role of facilitator of the “House 2”, which the man gladly did, leaving for himself the most pleasant experience, the site says life-dom2.su.

Unlike men, fans are not too happy about the prospect of watching him on television. In the opinion of the majority, such as goats, leading the project degrades even more. Some viewers are now ready to abandon further review of the esters.

“Well, only its not enough, what is all this? Do the rest of the top exhausted, unless he can make something new to give to the project?” – outraged fans of “House 2”.