The premiere of “Indiana Jones 5” has been postponed until 2020. What is the reason?

The venerable age of Harrison Ford not prevent him from working. The actor continues to prove that if you’re young at heart, you can do anything. Once again his acting fuse Mr. Ford will demonstrate the shooting of the new “Indiana Jones”, which was announced yesterday.

Now, Disney and Lucasfilm announced that the premiere of “Indiana Jones 5” is postponed for a year instead of 2019 movie will be released on 10 July 2020, and 3 days later, on July 13, Harrison Ford will celebrate 78 years.

Why the opening date was changed and the film will be released with a delay of a year, one did not specify. Most likely, the film-makers simply do not have time to prepare for it. At the moment we know that the project has a “Indiana Jones 5” there is nothing: neither a finished script nor the timing of production.

We will remind, earlier in April this year it was reported that the fifth “Indiana Jones” will not be a prequel to the whole story, as it was supposed earlier, and will be a continuation of the previous series “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull” (2008).

Frank Marshall, producer of the franchise, admitted that in the future hopes for even more adventure for Jones, however, provided that it will obey no one except Harrison Ford.

“I think we will go the way of James bond. Indiana Jones is an iconic character and I can’t imagine anyone but Ford in his role. The same applies to the franchise about Jason Bourne, which we now also work”, — stated in the message.


Source: popcornnews.ru
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