The prediction Pavel Globa for 2018

2018 has already begun. Pavel Globa shared his thoughts about what awaits us this year. Also popular astrologer told what will be the situation in the country as a whole.

2018 will be very important for all of us. This is a significant time for the country, for the people. According to ancient tradition, each year has its own space Manager. This is the Persian tradition, according to which in 2018 will be managed by mercury. This planet-the patron is responsible for the manufacturing, information, training.

2018 information

We will constantly live in the information flow. Of course, this always happens, but in 2018 these flows will be particularly powerful. We learn something unpleasant and positive from time to time. It is important to study science, training, learning, consolidation of skills.

Mercury is responsible for the deception. This planet makes people more selfish and cunning. It is not necessary to interpret other people’s lies as a kind of attack on your side. Each person will strive to solve the problem faster by any method. The media will control the world. Listen or not — your business. This will be a feature this year. The war will be primarily informational, mental and psychological.

Many events will happen unexpectedly. This is a year of dynamic but calm.

Bruce calendar

This is the calendar, which was very popular in the 18th century. According to this calendar, there are seven patrons. Mercury, once in power, will influence the weather. It will be a windy year early, but very long in the spring. This means that mid-latitude summer will come again, not immediately. Winter will be very unstable and difficult. It is likely that February will be cold.

In Bryusov calendar marked by some features of political life. “The birth of the great Emperor” is a reference to our presidential election. “Peace among Nations” is a hint of stability in the world. According to Pavel Globa, any war, is not likely to start, although this is only a possibility and not an absolute prediction.

It will be a year of inventions, scientific research and discoveries. Mercury is associated with the scientific activities of the state. It was, in most cases, the Board of mercury. This time, diplomacy, treaties.

The main trends 2018

It is very important not only retrograde phase, but also the so-called loop of mercury. Astrological schools do not account for this, making forecasts not fully completed and complete. This year will be a total of three loops of mercury.

First loop: from 23 March to 15 April. Pass this loop through the Sign of Aries. Active cases will have a little pause. During this period, initiative and ambition can lead to the emergence of new problems, not solving them. Before you make an important decision in this period will need to think about it. Tips of other people will have a huge weight.

Second loop: from 26 July to 19 August. It will be a special period because the loop will coincide with lunar and solar eclipses. This means that the loop will be very similar to the previous one, but with the need for greater human desire to solve problems.

Third loop: from 16 November to 7 December. This minor loop, passing through the Signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Many people may step on the old rake. You will need to exercise extra caution in traveling and also in relations with people you can’t trust for some reason.

Will end the first stage of the cycle of Saturn. It will be a year of austerity and savings. In the financial sector will be a time of caution, calculation of forecasts. Earlier, when was the Sun’s cycle, the world experienced a stage of spending money, frills. Now we need to save more.

It will be a year of expectations, because often people will hope that everything will happen by itself. The culprit of this is Venus. This will be the year of the black moon, which means the approach of the deception. Don’t believe those at the helm in 2018. They might wish you to use, so often think about your steps. Many will want to join the power structure, so do not confuse the desire of people to help you and their desire to show all its importance.

Other predictions:

The retrograde period of Saturn will come around April 18. It will end on 6 September. It will be a period of technological disasters. In the mountains is better to be cautious.
The end of October and beginning of November — a time of danger because of the opposition of black and white of the moon.
All the other periods that were not affected by the astrologer, will be very positive.
The fatality and irreversible decisions — the card this year. Say that planets and other space objects of 1 January.
Oriental and Persian calendars

In the night from 15 to 16 February will be a transition from 2017 to 2018, according to the tradition of the East. This period coincides with the period of the private solar Eclipse. This is a very bad sign, because this year is automatically fatal. If you do not take action immediately, then it can’t be helped.

The year of the Dog, and the more Earthy Yellow, is the year of survival, the collective Affairs. In Eastern philosophy says that successful in 2018 will be only those people who know how to work in a team. Loners will fail. If people will listen to the advice of the leader, they will see a bright future.

On the day of the vernal equinox comes the Persian New year. This will be the year of the Hedgehog. It is a symbol of research, intellectual activities, differences, scientific discoveries. This will be the year of questions. This year is the year of tearing off the covers and masks. The situation will change.

The time Urchin is repeated every 32 years, and the time Dogs time in 12 years. The last time such a symbiosis was in 1922. In 1922 was founded the Soviet Union. It was a peaceful and very productive year for all mankind. This time looks to the future, disputes, proposing new plans. And for the Dog, and Hedgehog very important role to play is the presence of enemies. The more often we will try to hit the nerve spots, the more we become stronger.

36-year-old calendar

From the point of view of this calendar, the stage of mercury coming to an end March 21. Next will come the year of the moon. This time of family, people, unity, friendship. A very important role in all spheres of life will play the masses, the people as a whole. In the following years have seen mass uprisings, but not armed, and, again, information.

Due to the fact that at the helm is the Moon from March 21, many events can be unstable. This will be a period of quarrels, because emotions rule the world at this time. Media will intimidate people. Panic — the first warning of the occurrence of problems.

Eclipse 2018

31 Jan — the Eclipse of the moon. Fatal time with highly unusual events. February 15, August 11 and July 13 — a solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse — July 27. From all these dates, the most important event will be on August 11. This so-called Nostradamus Eclipse, repeating the events of 1999.

August 11 — this day is going to have the many critical indicators of astrological character. This will be a period of natural disasters. It is possible that many accidents and disasters will happen on this day. All five of these dates will have similar traits, but August 11 is a special case. Increase the relevance of Uranium in the period of a couple of days before and after the Eclipse.

The Signs Of The Zodiac

Favorites — water Marks. The first half of the year — your time. You need to be proactive. The second will be fire Signs. The second half of the year will be yours, because Jupiter will enter the Sign of Sagittarius. The secret of success the fire Signs is to work as a team. You will need to pay more attention to financial matters. In the beginning of the year, you cannot take risks.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius should not make serious plans. If you’ll be able to quickly respond to changing environments, then all will be well. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorns will have to get used to the test. It will be hard, because increase the factor of temptation. The second half of the year will be more positive for you.

So, to change the fate of this year will be easy, but which way to turn life — this is the main issue. All will depend on your own wishes and aspirations. In your hands is not everything, but tools for life management will be enough. Pavel Globa wishes you a successful start and end of 2018.