The port Arthur icon of the Mother of God “the triumph of the virgin”

The miraculous icon has always been revered in Russia. They had a special status in the Church and always identified with the divine Force that is always present among us. One of such icons is the icon of the Mother of God “the triumph of the virgin”.

Icons depicting the virgin are numerous, however, this is probably one of the few in which she is depicted without the eternal Baby. The history of this icon is as interesting as it is doing her wonders. The veneration it begins with the 20th century, and the appearance of our lady is still regarded as a miracle, which occurred shortly before the defense of Sevastopol.

The story of the Mother of God icon “the triumph of the virgin”

The image of our lady was one of the old sailors. Wonderful face of the virgin had commanded the sailor to move her image on the icon and send it to Port Arthur Church. She predicted a quick war, promised protection and blessings of God to the defenders, victory in numerous battles and was told that the city would be saved if the icon will be in its walls. So there will be the victory of Orthodoxy over paganism and the triumph of Orthodoxy.

The incident of the attack on the Russian fleet by the Japanese, left no doubt and many pilgrims began to donate money for writing a wonderful countenance of the Mother of God. Board was established, which began to take equal amounts from donors. The image was made in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra according to the description of the sailor, to whom our lady appeared.

In the time of Holy week of the Great lent, icon of our lady was consecrated and took the train to Saint Petersburg. Long stay of the icon in this town and late delivery has led to the fact that the image cannot be delivered because of interrupted communications with the Port Arthur fortress. Many delays in the delivery of the image worsened the situation at the front. Only in January, the icon took its place. However, it was too late and handed over to the enemy fortress for a long time “buried” information about the icon.

It has been more than ninety years before, there were traces of the icon. She was in an antique shop in Jerusalem, and only in may 1998, she was returned to Russia.

Where is the miraculous image

The image of our lady became the patroness of all the far Eastern territories, as well as the whole Russian army and especially the Navy. The icon can be found in many temples, including the eponymous Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kurgan,

Description of the icon

The icon shows the mother of God in full growth. In her hands boards with the image of Jesus Christ. Bare feet stands the virgin on sharp swords. To her right is the Archangel Michael, to the left is Gabriel. Head over to virgin angels holding an Imperial crown. She is crowned with rainbows crossing each other, and the top is the cross. The exact image of the vision of a sailor transferred from the smallest details by skillful hand of iconographer Paul Strand, who refused payment for their efforts.

What helps the miraculous image of the Port Arthur mother of God

The main admirers of the icon, without a doubt, are the people of military professions. A special relationship has developed with this icon among sailors serving on warships. Before every voyage they are trying to get into Church and pray the virgin for a successful outcome of the military exercises, conflicts with opponents. Protecting them, the icon is not just showed his miracles, and many sailors claimed to have heard a wondrous Church singing. This sign is always accompanied by victories and favorable resolution of any campaign.

Helps the Port Arthur icon of all suffering, wishing to be healed of their ailments. Not just the Holy face healed the terminally ill, first appearing to them in dreams and commanded to go to Church to worship and to repent of their sins. Entered the path of Orthodoxy and to embrace the faith in Christ were healed, resulting in bewilderment of doctors.

Converts to Orthodoxy Christians pray in the face and ask for assistance in the establishment and strengthening of faith, asking the virgin to protect them on their difficult journey full of temptations. A true believer of God, mother does not deny Divine favor, and gives them the Grace to successfully deal with the negativity and ill-wishers.

Prayer before the miraculous icon

Any reference to the virgin Mary in your own words, comes from the heart, gain strength. Prayer said at home, will also be heard. On the pages of the website dailyhoro.ru you will learn about the rules of prayers outside of the Church.

“The blessed virgin mother of God! His Holiness of all the saints! Humbly kneel before Your face and follows, please kindly see our unfortunate need, but do not cast aside our words in prayer to Thee, o most pure one, calling. Help us, the helpless, pray for our souls before Thy Son, our Lord three times one. Spading enemies of the Motherland to the admonition and retreat from barbaric ideas, keep us in the unity, but do not give diseases to rise over mankind. Amen.”

The date for the celebration of the Port Arthur icon Bozhiej of Mother “the triumph of the virgin”

A celebration in honor of the miraculous Lika takes place on 29 August (16) in the Third day of our Saviour. It is accompanied by festive Liturgy and ascension of the universal prayer glorifying mother of God-the Protectress and patroness of the human race.

Prayers are an integral part of our lives. They are able to calm our fears, to heal diseases, to give help and guidance. With prayer it is much easier to overcome difficulties in life and to fight all manifestations of evil.