The participant with the shame kicked out of the “House 2”

So, Phil of Kostolomov for a long time dreamed to him on the “Island of love” arrived, the one with which he could build relationships and give love. However, on arrival Christine Lansinoh, the young man was not in a hurry with the announcement of a relationship with her, but still decided to give her a chance, but as it turned out now, nothing, the site says life-dom2.su.

A surprise to many was the news about criminal past Lansinoh, from which she tried to hide on the project. Cristina is suspected of theft and even wanted by the police. In the next broadcast presenters will send the girl back to Moscow in order to pass into the hands of law enforcement.

“My God, what’s going on!”, “A strange way to hide from the police. Just turn on the TV and here I am! Or the police don’t know about the existence of the project House 2?” – shared by fans of “House 2” his opinion.