The parents of Katy Perry treated the singer from homosexuality prayers

This weekend in Los Angeles hosted the award ceremony of the National Equality Award, the winner of which was the famous American singer Katy Perry. In his acceptance speech, the actress said a lot of things. In particular, told about his sexual experimentation with women at summer camp.

As a teenager, Perry out of curiosity, as she claims, I decided to take this step. Religious parents, the clergy, learning about the experience of girls, trying to get her back to heterosexuality using so-called reparative therapy – they sent her to a special camp where homosexuality was treated.. prayers, but that, says Cathy, has not helped.
“As a girl, singing in the Church, it was hard for me to deal with it. But then I realized that sexuality cannot be divided into black and white as my dress,” Katie said, referring to your evening outfit.
From experiences Perry got rid of after talking with representatives of the LGBT community. However, its homosexual attempts can not guess, because the singer is better known for his heterosexual relationships. For example, novel with Hollywood actor Orlando bloom, with whom she split last month after a nine-month romance.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com
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