The owner Oh the armor of Iron man in Marvel comics would be a girl

The owner Oh the armor of Iron man in Marvel comics would be a girl

The next sensation in the world of Marvel comics: Tony stark retires, and the armor of Iron man receives 15-year-old black girl Riri Williams.

In the final story, which tells the comic book “Civil war II”, Tony stark will leave his post, and the place of his alter ego would be a child Prodigy and talented girl Riri Williams, who collected the Iron man suit in the room of a student Dorm.

Williams at 15 years old entered the Massachusetts Institute of technology, where attracts attention with stark with their success. Note that the fate of Tony after the events of “Civil war II” has not been disclosed.

Brian Michael Bendis, who worked on a new character, told Time magazine some details.

The creation of the character of Bendis inspired program, on which he worked in Chicago. In the air it was not because of the huge amount of chaos and violence, but one story the author fuse into the soul. It was a story of a smart girl whose life nearly ended tragedy. Overcoming himself, the heroine went to College and graduated with flying colors. “I decided that this is the modern version of a superhero,” says Bendis.

Among the characters that you worked with Brian Michael Bendis, there’s miles Morales (the black spider-Man) and Jessica Jones. The writer notices that his fans constantly demand something new, but with a caveat: “don’t do anything that would differ from what I was accustomed to since childhood”.

Riri Williams fits into the new strategy by Marvel to update their characters. So, in 2013, the comics were the first superhero-a Muslim. Kamala Khan made a successful debut in the image of Ms. marvel. In 2015 the first issue of the comic about it won the prestigious Hugo award.

A year after the appearance of Kamala Khan, Marvel has a new Thor. It was a woman, whose identity was long hidden. Now, we all know that the new Thor was Jane foster (the heroine in two movies played by Natalie Portman).

Bendis notes that Marvel never satisfied with meetings with the aim to come up with a new character. All the characters appearing in the comics, is the result of inspiration of authors publishing outside world.

Will Riri Williams in the Marvel movies — this is the big question.

Comic Bendis “Invincible Iron man” where will the transfer of the baton from Tony to Riri, will be released in late 2016.


Source and photo: kinopoisk.ru