The “Oscar” again changes the rules

The “Oscar” again changes the rules

It seems that the American film Academy has decided to take up the rules of “Oscar”. Following significant replenishment of its ranks, the organization has made changes that affect the presentation of awards.

From now on, members of the Academy are unable to attend events not directly related to movies. This, for example, for parties or dinners, during which the jury members can be influenced, which in turn can affect the vote. The Academy, which violate these rules will be for the year expelled from the Academy, and if such behavior persists, they can rule forever.

In addition, members of the jury of the “Oscars” will no longer be able to attend music events and concerts if they music is eligible to be nominated for the award. Also, under the new rules, changed the number and time of screenings of the nominees in cinemas.

In General, now academics have much to carefully choose events to visit. Of course, I’ll worry about them, but not too serious people will manage somehow.


Source and photo: mediananny.com