The novel “Chronicles of amber” turn into a series

The novel “Chronicles of amber” turn into a series

On the adaptation of work the creators of “the Walking dead”.

Robert Kirkman, best known as the author of the comic “the Walking dead” and one of the creators of the series in explanation, said about his work on TV adaptations of a series of novels Roger Zelazny “Chronicles of amber”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Also joined the project, one of the producers of “the Walking dead” and “body Parts”, a partner of Kirkman company Skybound Entertainment, David Alpert and company Vincent Newman Entertainment.

The series of ten novels “Chronicles of amber” is one of the most popular and influential in the fantasy genre. Among her achievements and influence in “a Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin, which was filmed the blockbuster series “Game of thrones”.

“The greatness of the universe of amber is witnessed by millions of his fans worldwide, and his influence on so many other literary works”, – commented on the importance of literary works representative Vincent Newman Entertainment.

Previously also reported about the creation of the series “Legion”, which tells the story of the X-Men, mutants from the Marvel comics.


Source and photo: korrespondent.net