The night before Christmas: the traditions and customs of Christmas eve

Christmas is an important religious holiday, but not less important is Christmas Eve. In the night from January 6 to 7, it is necessary to observe all the traditions and customs of the events below throughout the year to support Higher forces.

For many people, Christmas Eve is significant because it was the day ends a forty day fast. Finally removed all prohibitions on food, and believers can again treat yourself to your favorite dishes. Night with 6 for January 7, is no less important than Christmas, which is why it involves a lot of traditions and customs. By following them, you not only protect yourself from troubles and misfortunes for the whole year, but will adequately meet Light Christmas.

Traditions and customs of Christmas eve

The most important custom of Christmas is associated with the consumption of food. Before the appearance of the first star no believer does not have. Once the appearance of the star of Bethlehem announced the birth of Jesus Christ, which is why the ban on the meal exists to this day.

After the appearance of the first star, the whole family can sit at the table, but it is important that it was at least 12 dishes. In the middle of the table must be located kutia. It symbolizes the sacrifice and shed blood of God’s Son. Pea is traditionally served in honor of the Renaissance, or, as they call it, God’s Spring. Dishes from cabbage is considered a symbol of hope. Also, every woman have to please close the soup that the whole year they were strong and healthy. Cabbage rolls are a sign of love for the King of Heaven. Fried or baked fish symbolized the belief in God and Christianity. To the whole year you didn’t leave the prosperity and well-being, on the table have to be the dumplings with your favourite filling. The Gentiles in this day, cook pancakes — this dish is meant the Sun. Believers also serve all your favorite cakes as a symbol of what Jesus Christ has become a new Sun, his birth lit up the Ground. Of course, the mess is hard to call a festive dish, but serve it as a treat is still made — it is believed that in the New year in your new baby arrives. Pies and other homemade pastries are attracted to health. Uzvar, compote or Christmas, is a traditional Christmas drink. With it, you cleanse yourself from evil and bad thoughts.

In addition to the 12 main traditional dishes you can cook anything. Since ancient times, the hostess served as refreshments to the January 6, Brawn, meat dishes and mushrooms.

The main religious tradition is the visit to the Church. After the meal, the whole family should go to Church and attend Christmas mass. You can pray for yourself and your loved ones, put candles for the repose of the dead and for the health of the living.

In Russia this day preferred to stay home. Only young girls and boys went to visit, where fun and wondered. To this day, this holiday is strictly a family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite friends or to visit them with gifts and, of course, treats.

It is believed that the Christmas tree is the main attribute of the New year. Few people know that the tree is a symbol of eternal life which gave us the Son of God. Therefore it is not necessary after new year’s eve to get rid of your decorated Christmas trees right up to Christmas, she can delight you with bright and pleasant smell.

On Christmas Eve it is customary to give charity, no matter you transfer your money in any Fund or just feed the poor. Your generosity and good deeds in store for you benefit.

The night before Christmas young girls gathered together and always wondered. Did it using different objects: mirror, wax, rings and even boots. So they wanted to know about your future groom about the number of future children.

On Christmas Eve it is advisable not to consume alcoholic beverages. It was believed that on the evening of 6 January, the meal should be extremely soft, but many still serve red wine and offered it to their guests. Drunkenness and inappropriate behavior in any religious events is strictly prohibited.

The most fun part of Christmas begins after dinner. Since then, the people staged noisy celebrations, but the main entertainment was caroling. Girls and boys wore dresses and chose the most important — Birch. They walked down the street, sang songs and showed performance to those who went, at their request. They can join anyone, and there was usually a lot.

The first thing you should try before thanksgiving dinner, honey. This way you will attract into your life good luck and happiness.

To sit behind a festive table it is possible only in a clean and preferably new clothes. If suddenly at dinner accidentally soiled your outfit, be sure to change your clothes, otherwise there is a risk to attract poverty.

On the morning of January 6 as many time you want to spend cleaning. Definitely mimetite dust from each corner, wipe the Windows, doors and throw away the garbage. Don’t forget that the order must be in each room to for the whole year to save yourself from troubles and misfortunes.

In Russia on Christmas Eve, he lit the fire and this tradition has several meanings. It is believed that in this way the people greeted the birth of Jesus Christ and for this reason around the fire arranged the fun and sang songs. There is also a view that people feel so sorry for the Baby, which was destined to be born in the cold season.

On the vigil of the Nativity of Christ must be fed not only guests, but the house. To do this, put a small bowl on a small spoon each of the twelve dishes and place it in any corner of your home, and then say, “Come on, Brownie, autojini with us.” Following this tradition, you protect your home from destruction, fires, and burglars.

In the old days loved to guess both young girls and adult women. Thanks to this method they could literally look into the future and know what will soon happen. Especially popular have Christmas divination, because on this day they will be truthful and effective. The team dailyhoro.ru wishes you find happiness and achieve all your goals