The new year 2018: how to meet and what to cook

To the hostess of the coming year, Yellow Dog, gave you a fortune, it is necessary to appease her new year’s eve. This can be done with the help of tasty dishes and the proper organization of the holiday.

Almost all over the world celebrate a fun and magical holiday — New year. People visit each other’s homes, exchange gifts, and all this is accompanied by warm words and good mood. Please even the tradition of this event, and the most important is meeting the coming year at night. It was after the strikes chimes, people welcome the new year. Of course, there is a concern, because in the new year may arise and new problems. However, try to discard the negative thoughts at least new year’s eve and immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere.

I guess everybody there is a certain scenario, which is celebrated annually on this holiday. Of course, not complete without Christmas treats. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will help you with the organisation of the festival and suggest recipes for simple traditional dishes that must be present on your Desk.

How to decorate a house on New year 2018

To the year of the Dog bring you luck and for you to become happy should pay attention to even the little things. First we need to decorate the house and to think over recipes for festive meals. In the very same new year’s eve you only need good mood and cheerful atmosphere.

To have in your home was Christmas before the New year in advance to do its decoration. The traditional new year’s attribute is the Christmas tree. It is desirable that it was alive: a real fir looks much more beautiful than artificial, and its a pleasant forest smell immediately reminds us of the upcoming event. Decorate it with various toys, garlands and tinsel. Be sure to use yellow, because he likes the new patron.

Tinsel can decorate even the walls and ceiling. This will create you a fantastic mood and new year’s eve will definitely surprise guests. Pay attention to silver and gold color. They attract good luck and are considered a strong talisman.

Many children like to cut out snowflakes and decorate the Windows and walls. Of course, these jewelry can be purchased in the store and not spend a lot of time of their production. However, the positive energy that you put into them, creating with their hands, will have a positive impact on your home and its guests.

Original decoration can be done independently. For this you need a liter jar that you put a small candle. Decorate the jar with pine cones, with drawings or stickers. New year’s eve put your decoration on the Christmas table and light a candle inside it.

In European countries there is a tradition for the New year to decorate gingerbread cookies. Recently in Russia some kind of jewelry became popular. Before the onset of the holiday this treat is sold in almost every store, but many are not lazy and cook it yourself, giving it any shape. Once you buy or bake gingerbread cookies, you need to carefully put it on a red string. Received a decoration, you can decorate a wall or tree.

You can also decorate the house a small tangerine tree or Christmas wreath that is very popular in many countries.

Don’t forget that the Dog has good taste, don’t use many decorations for their home. Negligence is not exactly like the hostess 2018.

How to meet New 2018

For many people the New year is a family holiday, and meet him only in a circle of relatives. If you diversify your usual scenario of the celebration, you’ll be able to remember this day forever.

New year in another country. If you want to diversify your holiday, you can spend it abroad. This will help you to learn more about another country’s culture and traditions, which celebrate this holiday.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase vouchers. In this case, you can decorate your house in style of the country dream to visit.

An active holiday. So the New year has passed for you to use, you can spend it at the rink or go on a ski trip. This will not only provide you a great mood, but also have a positive impact on your health.

New year alone. Probably many will see this as something pessimistic, because most people are very afraid of being alone. Look at it this way. Being alone, it can be a lot to contemplate, to think about their plans for next year. Most importantly, at the end of the holiday you will not wait for the mountain of dirty cold and broken Christmas balls.

New year on the street. New year in the fresh air is a good opportunity not only to have fun but also to make new friends. Believe me, you are the only person who will mark the holiday on the street. If you have a favorite place to spend the holiday there will be a great solution. It will be more romantic if you celebrate New year with her lover.

New year without alcohol. There are many unusual and delicious soft drinks. The avoidance of alcohol is an undeniable plus: the New year, you’ll have vivid and fond memories. New year’s eve is always filled with joy and gladness, and alcohol isn’t an important attribute of the holiday.

New year on the plane. Even this sounds very unusual, and imagine what feelings you expect! Before Christmas the airline greatly raise ticket prices because people who want to spend New year with your loved ones, spend any money to do it. So if you want to spend an unusual holiday, you can buy tickets on the evening of December 31. While others are hustling to prepare for the coming of the New year, you will be high above the ground. Good experience of a lifetime is guaranteed.

What to prepare: the traditional new year’s dishes

In every family there are traditional dishes that are always present on the Christmas table. Many recipes are time-tested, and without them, the Christmas meal will lose all meaning.

Salad “Olivier”. One of the most important dishes on the table is still considered to be a well-known salad. The recipe by which it is cooked in our country is very different from the original, but we love him that way.

For its preparation you will need:

potatoes — 3 pieces;
carrots — 1 piece;
pickles — 2 pieces;
chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
canned peas — 1 Bank;
chicken or sausage — 200 grams;
salt and pepper — to taste;
mayonnaise — 4 tablespoons.

1. You need to boil the potatoes, carrots, eggs and meat, if using it instead of sausage.

2. Eggs must be cleaned and grind with them cut and everything.

3. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl and add green peas.

4. Salad dressed with mayonnaise and then sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

With these simple steps you will be able to cook a delicious salad will decorate your table and will delight guests.

Herring under a fur coat. New year’s table is always full of a variety of salads. This is not surprising because a variety of flavors brings extra pleasure to your guests.

As you know, this dish is prepared in layers. Classic recipe:

herring fillet — 300 grams;
beet — 200 g;
potatoes — 3 pieces;
carrots — 2 pieces;
onion — 1 piece;
mayonnaise — to taste;
salt and pepper — to taste.

1. You need to boil the potatoes, carrots and beets.

2. Onions should be cleaned and cut into small cubes. Slice potatoes, carrots, herring and beets.

3. Begin to lay out the salad layers: potatoes, herring fillets, onions, carrots, and beets. Each layer must liberally lubricated with mayonnaise.

No doubt that this dish will please your loved ones. Perhaps other Housewives want to take your prescription.

Fish in aspic. This dish is known to us since Soviet times. Still the heroine of the main new year film “Irony of fate or with light steam!” making this dish on the holiday table. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru the traditional recipe jellied fish:

pike — 800 grams;
onion — 2 pieces;
carrots — 2 pieces;
Bay leaf:
black pepper — 2 pieces;
gelatin — 30 g;
parsley — 3 sprigs;
salt and pepper — to taste.

The fish separated from the bones. You need to salt and pepper it to taste and then bake at 120 degrees Ocala hours.

Fish guts, in addition to gills fill with water: you will need approximately half a liter. Add the peeled and sliced onions and carrots. Once the broth boils, add black pepper and Bay leaf. Cook for about an hour.

Gelatin cover with water and leave it for an hour. Then add it to the finished broth, then season with salt and cool.

Pour the broth into a suitable form and store in the fridge until until it hardens. Then remove it and garnish with carrots and parsley. Then again remove it.

At the time of submission carefully slice the dish. After all, the holiday food should be not only delicious, but also beautiful.

New year’s eve, it is important to cover a nice table and face the guests. In this case, and your appearance should match the festive mood. To find the right way that will surprise your loved ones and attract good luck, you can the sign of the Zodiac. We wish you good luck in 2018