The new moon on 20 September: get rid of the problems and attract the luck

Every new Moon has its own energy characteristics, which can be used to achieve well-being. It is believed that on this day, it is easier to attract good luck.

The new moon in Virgo on 20 September will contribute to rites aimed at getting rid of problems and bringing to life good luck. The harmonious Union of the moon and the constellation Virgo will favorably influence people, but many feel the lethargy and apathy associated with the update of the lunar energy. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I represent to your attention effective rituals that will help you change your life for the better.

The ritual of the new Moon to get rid of financial problems

In the evening hours, take a handful of change and put it on the windowsill with the words:

“Money is the last gather, power of the moon fill. As the Moon will be updated and the cash flow will be reborn”.

In the morning put coins in those places where you keep money. One coin put in the pocket and carry it around, occasionally touching it and mentally saying:

“The moon is renewed, the money in your pocket.”

This coin will attract to you the abundance of money and relieve you from financial hardship. Before the next new Moon donate some money for a good cause, attaching to it the coin.

Get rid of the health problems of the new Moon

On the day of the new Moon stand under a warm shower and wait a few minutes with my eyes closed, focusing. Imagine how disease and ailments washes away the water, and say:

“New Moon came into the world, my disease took away. She will go into growth, and health will come to me”.

Starting with the new Moon, during the week, brew healing herbs and every day, drink these teas. They boost your immunity and energy of the new and waxing moon will increase your body’s resistance and energy.

Attract money luck in new Moon

To capricious fortune has not turned away from you in the most important moments of life, perform the ritual of the new Moon. With it, you will be able to attract into your life good luck and make your dreams a reality.

During the new Moon, take some valuable items. It can be a decoration of precious metals, coins, silverware. Lay them on the table, saying:

“Capricious Fortune draw, with gold and silver it salobral”.

All items fold into a small transparent container, and the top throw a few coins. Leave overnight on the table, and in the morning to put all items, except money! Coin fold wallet with the words:

“Good luck charms in my purse to leave, poverty and poverty don’t know.”

Carry them in your wallet until the next new Moon, and then spend on the purchase of a welcome thing.

Ritual to attract good luck in new Moon

On the day of the new Moon, purchase any natural mineral. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend to pay attention to the stones that suit you to Sign of the Zodiac. Bring it home and put it on the windowsill. Leave a stone until morning. After waking up, take the mineral in the hand and hold for some time to he tuned to your energy. Speak to your future good luck charm:

“By the power of the new moon, the stone is saturated, for me trying. On luck speak it, new happy life will begin”.

Carry the talisman with you so that in all things you was accompanied by luck.

In new Moon you can get rid of any negativity, bad habits and trouble. Update of the moon are able to take away from your life troubles, giving you the confidence and well-being. If you have any concerns, then during the new Moon, light a candle and speak, looking at the flame, all of your concerns. The esoterics say that so you’ll be able to upgrade their own energy, and leave behind the trouble.