The new moon on 20 September 2017

The new Moon is always a big event in the world of astrology. Once a month or, in very rare cases, twice the Moon renews your energy, once again starting to build up strength.

The coming new Moon will be very positive and supportive, but it still will not devoid of some standard problems. The main thing for each of us in this difficult day — don’t be tempted to do nothing. People may look sluggish, but they continue to be afflicted emotions, so be yourself, but not without caution. Impulsiveness now you to anything. Get rid of stress as soon as possible in these times.

Features new Moon on 20 September

The new moon will be held under the auspices of the constellation Virgo. It is a perfect Union because the virgin promotes slowness and caution that the new Moon is a normal model of behavior.

Energy of the new moon is combined with Virgin because they are both virtually devoid of destructive beginning. Dissonance 20 Sep, inner harmony secured for almost everyone.

The positive side of the new Moon

This new Moon is perfect for leisurely work, planning for the future, relaxation, self-awareness, strengthen business relationships. At work and in business it’s better to listen to opinion of authoritative people and show respect to those around you. 20 Sep hard work will be easier than usual. You will have the chance to resolve disputes, to find common ground with those with whom previously, it was not possible to do. People will be quieter than usual, so you can use diplomacy in attempts to influence colleagues, partners or superiors. It is also a time for interviews before taking on new work.

Love the new Moon will help to ignore the negative and find activities that would bring satisfaction to both parties. Joint planning will be very useful, and also moderate a change of scenery will benefit those couples who are experiencing times of crisis. In search of love it is better to be passive. If the Universe is willing, she will connect you with those who can affect your life.

The mood in General is not the military. However, you can pay on the fact that people will not hang on you something nasty from everyday Affairs. This day will bring you, rather, serenity, but not the desire to be first in everything. This is good because ambition will only hinder you in new Moon in Virgo.

The negative side of the new Moon

On 20 September it is better not to be in areas with large concentrations of people. An exception may be only the work, because focusing on it will help to avoid the negative waves emanating from other people. Human energy is malleable to changes in the day, so avoid any negativity.

If you decide to spend money, it is better to do it online and not directly. Overall, this new Moon is better not to spend money at all, since items might not bring you satisfaction, but will only disappoint you. This day is perfect to find new sources of income, but decisive action can be very dangerous, because the world will be dominated by deceit and hypocrisy.

Honesty even loved ones should not count, so don’t be offended by their words and actions. Show patience and generosity to get it then came back in a pleasant light.

Do not start playing sports that day. If you have the desire to throw out the negative, stay alone, watch a movie, read a book, take a walk. Excessive physical activity will not save you from problems, but rather to add them.

The secret of success September 20, will be in the correct assessment of what is happening. Try to think first and then do, not Vice versa. Despite the slight laziness of this day and its slowness, it is better not to lose concentration.