The new moon in September 2017

The new moon highlights the dark side of personality, because in this day the Orb of night is updated, reaching its minimum. The moon facing the Earth on the reverse side, which is not visible that esotericism understanding comparable to that hopeless night and the devil’s essence.

If you think that the new Moon is a dangerous astrological phenomenon, you are partly right. But only partly. The renewal of the moon — a very unpleasant process for all life on Earth. However, the bottom will always be advantages and disadvantages. And the September new Moon is no exception.

Features of the upcoming new Moon

To define the features of the new Moon, it is important to know what zodiac constellation at this time of the lunar activity. It is the presence of the moon in a particular Sign sets a certain pace developments throughout the day.

In September, a Sign that influences the character and mood of the moon will be Virgo. Finding the moon in this constellation will set people special attention to detail, will contribute to disgust, pedantry and objective view of things. The distribution of energy of this nature is huge, what can be included in dissonance with the habitual course of life.

The September update of the moon will take place on the 20th at 08:31 Moscow time. But this is not all of the events on September 20. When the lunar energy will be updated the night star will come into connection with the Sun, which would give the September new Moon unique features. People will fall under the blow of bipolar energy.

To preserve the harmony and integrity of the work by proper coordination. At a high level on this day, the person is able to maximize its full potential and get pleasant surprises. Low will of man not subject to all the forces of the individual will be focused on consumption. It is useful to engage in spiritual practices and techniques aimed at strengthening the biofield.

Finance and career in new Moon

New moon running Virgo catches people who love to throw money down the drain. Virgo — the Sign of the order, prudence, judiciousness and economy. This means only one thing: no hazardous and foolhardy adventures. Otherwise you will be overtaken by disappointment due to the fact that the tide has turned against you at the right time.

Today marked the success of the painstaking and detailed work. Bring everything to perfection, otherwise chaos, even creative, and will punch a huge dent in your energy or your wallet. To consider is one important detail: during the new Moon you can’t bring yourself to stress and work overload, limit yourself to easy fatigue.

New plans and ideas will automatically find their place in life. However, a great danger lies in the fact that their global plans you may not notice the risks and losses. On 20 September you will lose the ability to see the situation as a whole, and will perceive its individual side.

Love and relationships September 20

In September, the birth of a new moon will give you a good opportunity to acquire a pleasant and profitable acquaintances, which can further develop into a strong friendship, passionate romance and an honest partnership. The danger and at the same time, the benefit of this day is that people will go to the criticality of the zodiacal Virgo. You will see man through and through, noticing every mistake or negative trait, be it stupidity, laziness or carelessness. Of course, you will want to be sure to say this, but please restrain yourself to not to be considered an arrogant snob.

The new moon in Virgo — not the best time for strengthening relationships, intimacy and sex. You can encounter the coldness and indifference of the partner. Don’t rush to conclusions and to enter the conflict, taking a defensive position. On 20 September the people possess some stiffness and shyness. To dominate in the relationship will be a sense of duty, obedience and compromise.

What effect will the new Moon on mood and health

The moon renews your energy, along with updated and energy of man. It’s a little destructive and vulnerable day in the life of every person. This condition has several explanations. People begin to experience an acute shortage of vital forces, hence fatigue, sudden failure of the immune system, strain, stress and excitement. The person becomes susceptible to negative thoughts, so his actions can be contrasted with his wishes. It is important never to leave the faith and not change his principles. The new moon is ruled by the energy of the day, not your life.

To promote health we need to reduce external and internal stress. Do what you like. Do not hurry, do everything slowly, combining familiar activities with short breaks. Herbs will never be useful to you in the update period of the moon. They make excellent tonics that contribute to the rapid recovery of energy.

Each phase of the moon has two faces: dark and light. In the period of the new Moon the dark side overshadows the light, so to resist the energy of this day becomes more difficult. But anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in your abilities. Follow your heart and tips astrologers, trusting the inner voice, and then you will succeed. We wish you good mood. Take care of yourself