The new moon in January 2018

Every month there is a change of the lunar phases that affect our lives. To avoid mistakes, you should know in advance what awaits us in the future and how to cope with problems that may arise suddenly.

The new moon is a special short-term period we are going through every month. The most auspicious day for new beginnings and planning for the future. Already on 17 January 2018 and the Moon once again begins its rebirth, and you will have the opportunity to start life with a clean sheet and to think about new and ways to achieve success.

Features of the January new Moon in 2018

Already on 17 January, we expect the period of the new Moon. On this day the Moon will be in the constellation Aquarius, which will encourage creative activities and mental abilities. Take the time you are interested in courses and engage in self-education. This knowledge will benefit you and will become an indispensable weapon in the fight for a successful future.

The new moon is considered a favorable time to get rid of all unnecessary things. Therefore, if after the holidays and hearty meals you wish to bring her figure to its former shape, feel free to sit on a diet or even try fasting. However, before making such an important step, consult a doctor.

The day will be under the auspices of mercury, the patron Saint of the environment, which means that luck will to expect those who show their intellectual and creative abilities. It is undesirable to postpone things for later, because it is January 17, you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the past and start new beginnings.

Finance and career in the January new Moon

Teamwork can not only be more fun and productive and useful, especially in new Moon. You will have the chance to build relationships with colleagues and superiors and make a big step on the career ladder. Don’t be afraid to propose new ideas, even if they seem too unusual: during this period, your creativity will be welcome, and your suggestions may please the leadership.

The new Moon financial transactions can result in you success if you will avoid unnecessary expenses and focus on improving their financial situation. If in 2018 you want to gain wealth, invest the money in a safe project or simply purchase a lottery ticket. At this time the luck may be on your side, only if you believe in your success and positive outcome of your risk.

Love and relationship in new Moon

The new moon is a favorable period to establish privacy. If you are a couple, but your relationship is poor, think about finding a new love. In this short period of time you can properly prioritize and decide whether to save the unreliable Union or simpler to go in search of a new romantic adventure.

Wednesday is a good day for meeting new people. If you wish, you will be able to overcome their isolation and to open for a Frank dialogue with a potential companion. In the period of the new Moon intensifies intuition, so follow the prompts of the inner voice during familiarization and communication with any person.

Health and mood 17 Jan

The new Moon is your inner strength can be great that will positively affect your progress in the future, but can affect health. The desire to do everything at once can lead to fatigue, so at the end of the day you will feel severe discomfort and apathy. To avoid this, try not to overwork: in 2018 you will be able to implement their ideas and plans into reality.

At this time you need to think about their health, because during the Christmas holidays it would greatly suffer from a large amount of heavy food and drinking alcohol. Try to unload your body through diet or fasting, and most importantly — get rid of bad habits. Take a longer time easy physical exercise that will help you to get in shape and achieve the same ease.

Energy the January new Moon will positively affect your emotional state. You will be able to stay in a good mood, if you avoid conflicts with others and negative emotions. Some feelings are destructive and do not allow us to move towards your goals — they should be avoided not only during the new Moon, but in the other days.

January is a significant month, as it was in the beginning of the year we set ourselves new goals and begin to move toward them. Calendar of favorable days will help you know when to make responsible decisions, and when the risk is not worth it. We wish you success in your new endeavors,