The Nativity of the virgin September 21, 2017

Every year on 21 September the Orthodox Church celebrates the Nativity of the blessed virgin, not inferior in importance to Christmas. Christians look forward to this bright and wonderful holiday, which preserved centuries-old traditions that help to feel the grace of God.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin is among the twelve most important Orthodox holidays. To this day believers are prepared for a few weeks, especially emotionally. Christmas mother of God — an amazing day, passing colourful history of biblical times and a unique tale of the birth of that, which was more than was destined to change the world.

The legend about the birth of the blessed virgin

According to Tradition, the virgin was born at Nazareth, a small town located North of Jerusalem. This previously unremarkable town gave to the world the Savior.

The parents of the blessed virgin were Joachim and Anna. The family was wealthy, however famous they were not with their money, and charity, meekness and humility. Try as he might, they could not have a child. Many years passed, the couple grew old, Anna was unable to give birth to a child but in heart still harbored the hope that the Lord will hear their prayers. At that time infertility was considered a punishment from God for sins. One day the local priest during the ceremony has banned Joachim to bring the gift of God, referring to the fact that he is childless and, therefore, sinful.

Joachim left home and went into the wilderness, where I spent all my time in prayer. Anna at that moment there was one. A miracle happened: the Lord sent down upon them a child. Being separated, the saints saw the same dream: the angel alerted them about the birth of a child, which is glorified all over the world. He also told me to call her Mary, which means “hope”. Nine months later from that day, the light appeared the virgin Mary, who gave to all mankind of Jesus Christ.

The Nativity is celebrated not only in Russia but throughout the world. The blessed virgin was endowed with an important spiritual purpose — to save people.

The virgin Mary gave the world a Savior, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Salvation from original sin started long before the birth of Christ. The beginning was the birthday of the virgin Mary, which his coming has brought hope to the hearts of believers: the Bible does not lie, change is coming.

In the 4th century, people began to celebrate this great holiday. To this day Christians with love in my heart waiting for the Nativity of the virgin.

Traditions and ceremonies of the Nativity of the virgin

Christians every year to meet the holiday with joy. On 21 September, it is customary to read prayers to the virgin, who will have special power and significance. Many rituals and traditions that people observe from year to year will help make your life brighter and better.

Especially popular on this day, the rite for conception of a child. People think that conceived on the day of the Nativity of the virgin the baby is born healthy, and his life will be easy and light. That the ritual was successful, you should light a candle and while the candle burns down, say a prayer and ask the Lord through the virgin child. Words in prayer are not as important as the sincerity with which you ask about the baby.

As for tradition, on this day, it is better to avoid quarrels and insults. And you also need to watch the weather: if in celebration of the rain, it’s good luck and happiness.

In the Nativity of the Theotokos in no case can not drink. According to legend, the man who will dare to drink a little liquor, is doomed to suffering and illness throughout the year.

In this day with special care and respect for every woman, as the woman laid the beginning of all mankind.

On the day of the Nativity of the virgin Mary is traditionally taken to set the table and gather the whole family for dinner. The main dishes are cereal and vegetable. Left on the windowsill overnight cakes attract luck and happiness for the whole year.

And, of course, do not forget this sacred day about the prayer and Church attendance. The virgin will come to the aid of anyone who will sincerely pray and believe in divine power.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin — an amazing day, helping to find grace. This holiday important is your faith, sincerity and love for the blessed virgin. The mother of God will hear every soul and will help power of your faith. Do not cease to pray and to thank Heavenly mistress, and then life will Shine with the light of hope and happiness. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy