The Nativity of the virgin Mary: pray for help, happiness and prosperity

On the day of the Nativity of the blessed virgin special power be prayer for personal happiness and family well-being. No sincere request not falling on deaf ears in this wonderful Orthodox holiday.
Every year on 21 September, the Orthodox people celebrate the bright and wonderful holiday that its significance is not inferior to the Christmas — day birth of the virgin. Church tradition obliges every believer to visit the temple and pray to the Mother of God — not only because of the prayer, glory to the Queen of Heaven, but because it was the day the Heavens are open to many requests. Through the virgin decided to ask the Lord about happiness, well-being and prosperity.

Prayer for assistance in the Nativity

Everyone needs help and intercession of the Lord. Prayer to the Theotokos have an amazing strength, and through them the mother of God will show you the way out of a desperate situation. The whole story of the life of the virgin Mary in one way or another connected with the Lord. She is the earthly mother of Jesus Christ, and in her power to get you help when you or your family is in trouble.

Prayer to the Theotokos it is customary to read in moments of despair, when hope for justice is lost and no help is forthcoming. The main thing is to speak from the heart and was reinforced by a strong faith. Even if the trouble was over or not threatening you, make it a rule to read a prayer request of God’s Mother. This will save you from sudden turns of fate and soften the fateful moments in life. Prayer helps to find the support, protection and assistance, is:

“O Virgin Most Holy! Please, become my advocate, and leave me without the help and support! Protect me from lies and misery, all the bitterness, pain and anger. Please help me in the right direction, strengthen my faith. Help me against my enemies, protect from attacks, and from the evil of all. Please give me the strength to cope with all diseases and adversities. Heal my soul and help me to rise again from his knees. Because only you can help me, Holy mother of God, our intercessor. Glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Prayer to the virgin for happiness

When it comes to the grace of God, rises before my eyes, the virgin Mary, which gained true happiness through prayer and righteous living. Therefore, this prayer is a sincere appeal to the blessed virgin. Every person is worthy of happiness, and to approach it by reading a prayer request from hope for a speedy miracle

“Holy Mother Of God! Pray, open my heart for love and tender feelings. Let my soul will not grief and anger. Give me more love and joy, family, my happiness and smiles to give. Don’t let me know sorrow and grief, send good luck, happiness and prosperity! Yes, glory Thy name, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.”

Prayer for the welfare of the most Holy Theotokos

The concept of “welfare” broadly. But on the day of the Nativity prosperity — nothing like family happiness and prosperity. The legend about the birth of the virgin Mary — a story full of love and compassion of God. It is known that the mother of God was born through the prayers of my righteous parents, who to old age I harbored a hope for a child, daily praying to the Lord.

Prayer for the welfare of perfectly natural for everyone who wants to find harmony and understanding with your spouse, parents and children. In the consciousness of the believer, love is mutual respect, support and care.

Prayer to the Theotokos is presented in translation from the Church Slavonic language to make them easier to memorize. So your request came to the Mother of God, should read them daily, morning and evening. Having embarked on the path of religious education, it is important to remain faithful to the chosen path. Prayers for happiness and well-being should continue to read, even if in your personal life are already noticeable changes. The prayer to the virgin Mary about welfare:

“Oh, our Savior, Queen of Heaven! Hear not leave us without attention! Let us rejoice with you in this holiday. Not leave us in times of hardships and sadness, become our intercessor and don’t leave without your patronage. Don’t let us wallow in sin, grant us joy, happiness, prosperity in the family and in our lives. Take with us our spiritual path, because at the end of the road stand before the throne of God. Deliver us from hardship and sorrow, Holy virgin, that stretched our souls to the light and the heavens. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Remember, only sincere prayers of the mother of God will hear and come to help you. Pray from the heart, and then you certainly will obtain happiness, well-being and support. Also a hand-written prayer you can always carry with you, and it will work as a talisman, protecting you from evil and trouble. We wish you good mood and good faith. Take care of yourself