The Nativity of the blessed virgin: what can I do and what is not

On September 21, the Orthodox world celebrates the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, one of the main Christian holidays. On this day from ancient times revered women, the successor of sorts, and prayed to a Higher power.

The feast of the Nativity of the virgin — the first of the twelve great feasts celebrated by the Church. Sources report that it was set in the fourth century. Our ancestors on this day we celebrated the feast of harvest. Many traditions and adopt that accompany this holiday, known to this day. Also, the Church places certain restrictions on things that you do not want to perform in such a sweet and important for every believer day.

What you can do on the Nativity of the virgin

Orthodox Christians go to the service, to offer prayers to the virgin and ask her intercession and patronage. It is believed that on 21 September the Skies open up and hang on every spoken word, so everyone can ask the Higher Forces about all their worries. Sincerity and remorse for their sins committed to atone to God and to begin a path of righteous living.

In this day you can ask forgiveness from their parents, to pray for their health and longevity.

The people from September 21 began to celebrate the harvest. The more collected the fruits of labor, the longer it held celebrations, sometimes dragging on for two weeks. People went to each other’s homes and tasted food made from the harvested crop. Than phlebotominae there were tables and better than the owners, the greater the luck and prosperity awaited them.

From that day began to celebrate weddings, and to young couples came to visit the older generation to teach foolish children wits, give them valuable advice for the development and prosperity of the young family.

The feast of the women was taken to see the sunrise near the pond. Believed that the one who had to wash from a natural source before sunrise, keep the beauty and freshness to old age. Girls went to wash in to the pond to draw in love and quickly marry.

What not to do in the feast of the Nativity of the virgin

In this day you can not scolded, to show aggression and displeasure. Eliminate the hard work, the housework and exercise, devoting time to prayer.

A great holiday does not involve mass festivities, accompanied by entertainment events with alcohol. This time, the Church calls for a family, abandoning the TV in favour of live communication.

The ban imposed on meat products and other food apostou.

Any religious holiday should be devoted to the purification of the soul from negativity, prayer, and good deeds. This day should be spend with the family, giving family members with love and care. Visit the Church and put candle for the health of their parents, pray for the benefit of all living on Earth.