The movie “Sex and the city 3” will be released on the big screens

In the media the news went about that last summer was supposed to start shooting the third part of the continuation of the cult series “sex and the city”. The creators of the film have confirmed the news of the imminent premiere, but it soon became known that the development of the project stopped and “Sex and the city 3” will be released on the big screens. In an interview Sarah Jessica Parker has named the reason of a stop of the filming: “the work on the project was frozen after claims Kim Cattrall to Warner Bros.”

“We are not working on a film. I’m disappointed, we had a beautiful, heartbreaking and simultaneously uplifting scenario, but work on the project was frozen,” she says in an interview. According to sources, her demands were not entirely reasonable, because of what the Studio chose to abandon the filming of the project.

The actress demanded that Warner Brothers to start shooting her own project. If she fails, she has prigrezilos that filming the third part of the movie about four girlfriends will not. This information Kim or her representatives have not commented, but the Directors decided not to continue to make a film without one of the main characters, to whom and to keep all the plot lines.

Other Actresses — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have signed the agreement signed and was very upset when they learned that the shooting will stop. They are happy to be reunited again and would be removed in the continuation of “Sex and the city”.

“Everyone was looking forward to the start of filming, but Kim cattrall has always been the victim. Kim had the audacity to put conditions Warner Bros that she will star in the film only if they would start working on her own projects. Funny. Who is this George Clooney? This franchise, let’s be Frank, made her who she is, she became famous only thanks to “Sex and the city,” according to an insider close to the Studio.

In General, everyone who has a case of the Studio was outraged by this behavior of the actress, because she left his colleagues, who are familiar with for more than ten years, without a job. “Cattrall was framed by people who had to work on the film and moved to new York, she was blackmailing the Studio. The script is fantastic, the fans would have loved the new movie, but Warner Bros are not ready to give up, Cattrall. Her behavior is horrible, she ruined the shooting, leaving people without work. All very saddened and sorry fans of “Sex and the city.”” says an insider.

However, this is not the first time Actresses and movies come in enmity. For example, during the filming of the second season, Sarah Jessica Parker began working as a co-producer of the series, which required an increase of the fee. Of course, this news is not pleasant, cattrall, which she insisted on equal rights for all heroines.

In 2018 the popular series about four friends Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will be 20 years. The first of the series came out in 1998. The series lasted until 2004, but the Directors decided not to take away from fans of the beloved franchise, which after 4 years has removed two feature films.

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