The mother of Lindsay Lohan was ophraella information about pregnancy of the daughter

The mother of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan Dina will not lie. The woman told reporters that her daughter is not pregnant. After parting with the Russian businessman Egor Tarasovym scandalous Hollywood celeb went in the company of girlfriends to the sea, where drinks, smokes, has fun, and dives into the water with yachts – in short, behaving as if returned to ten years ago. The public can not forgive her this reckless behavior, especially because a few days ago, Lindsay announced that she was pregnant and her suspicious belly bulges under her swimsuit, as if confirming her words.

Father of actress, Michael Lohan said that his daughter wrote him a message stating that she is pregnant and he not the least bit doubt that this is true of clean water. But his ex-wife is convinced that such statements Lindsay just wants to spite a former lover, with whom he wants to reconcile, but can not forgive his infidelity.

Insiders close to Dina, saying that she is very worried for her daughter and believes that he and Greg make up, because Lindsay and her fiance still love each other.
Recall that the actress called off the engagement after spree in a night club Yegor did not come home that night. Lindsay reported this to his followers, and then made two sensational statements. First, announced to the world that Tarabanov cheated on her with “Russian prostitute”, and the second, admitted that expecting a baby. Officially, neither the actress nor her representative has not confirmed the information about her pregnancy. But also have not denied.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
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