The Mother Of God Icon “Sophia The Wisdom Of God”

Icons in the Orthodox world are of great importance and history, rooted in the deep past. The mother of God icon “Sophia the Wisdom of God” is the miraculous and revered among Christians especially.

The first icon of the mother of God “Sophia — the Wisdom of God” appeared in the fifteenth century in Novgorod, the first Church consecrated in her honor, was built in 989. In the Orthodox world there are two icons, one of which was Novgorod and Kiev second.

History of the icon

The miraculous icon is of great importance in the Orthodox world and is an exact copy of a Greek original from the Church in Constantinople. The Holy icon was glorified by many miraculous manifestations, including the healing power. Survivors stories from the Novgorod chronicle, the icon healed the woman suffering from an eye ailment. She humbly prayed to the virgin about finding health, and found it, believing in the Heavenly power of the Mother of God.

Where is the miraculous image

This icon can be found in many hamah and churches throughout Russia. In Moscow, Novgorod, St. Petersburg and other cities and villages. The wide distribution of the image received in the distant 15th century, when it was made a list of the original. Spread this icon is received and the significance of the presence of her image, and for the miracle of healing, support and assistance to all seeking him Orthodox Christians.

Description of the icon

On the Kiev icon is depicted the mother of God with the incarnate Son of God, who is called Wisdom or Sophia. It was named so in the parable of Solomon, in which he said: “Wisdom has built a House and adopted the seven pillars”. This is a direct indication of the fulfillment of Divine prophecy, in which He incarnates in the womb of the virgin Mary and comes to the human world. The virgin is raised in the temple, which are seven stages with the written prophecies of the Apocalypse. A depiction of the Infant is portrayed with arms raised in a gesture of blessing with his right hand and the left hand is the power. On top of the mother of God is God. On both sides are the archangels with the symbols of their divine service. The whole picture moves the greatness of the prophecies of the Lord and his appearing, portending a change in the Orthodox world. A skillful icon is painted according to the canons and leads to trepidation anyone worship her.

Novgorod icon is different from her sister. It depicts the Savior, before which are placed the mother of God and John the Baptist. Both pray to the Lord. On the Savior skillfully written Royal robes, and behind are the fiery wings. The Lord is on the throne, which back seven pillars of perennial wisdom.

What helps the miraculous image

To pray before the image of the icon may, when required by the soul, and at any time. Clerics urge every Orthodox Christian at home prayers be lit before the icon lamp or a candle, a symbol newsimage fire of true faith and of the triumph of Orthodoxy. The prayer before the image is able to tame raging emotions, to prevent quarrels and conflicts between people, to unite their thoughts and to guide people to the right path, with no place to evil and aggression.

Also prayers before the image is resorted to by people suffering from various ailments in the hope of healing, asking the mother of God and the Savior of patronage and protection from the negativity of the external world, regret their actions and humbly ask for the forgiveness of sins. Also prayers before the image help people make the right and important decision when they are at a loss, standing at the fork in the path and not know what to undertake in order to achieve prosperity and happiness.

To pray not only for themselves but also for their relatives and for all people living on earth. Words coming from the heart, help to heal wounds, to fight evil temptations and other sins that try to close Orthodox Christians the way to God.

Prayer before the miraculous image

“Majestic and all-wise virgin, the Protectress and patroness of the human race. Do not forsake us, sinful, without divine protection and patronage. Grant us the wisdom not to follow a wobbly path into the abyss of depravity lead us. Soothe our souls in turmoil. Let us, Sofia called, to succumb to the temptations of the devil, Yes, confirm in our hearts the Will of God, in any way You with joy and humility established, recognizing the Great Power and Grace of God. Amen.”

“We magnify Thee, the eternal, Wisdom-filled. You let the Lord in my soul Yes, in his belly, and glory in eternity! The prayers You pray with humility and ask You for protection, protection and healing of our souls and bodies, walking the mortal earth. As we all come before the eyes of the Lord, he will answer for his own sins. With repentance, please let us all our trespasses, performed voluntarily and involuntarily. Amen.”

Date of celebration icons

September 21 (8) notes the date for the celebration of the Kiev icon of the Mother of God. 28 Aug (15) note the date of the celebration of the Novgorod icon.

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