The mother of George Clooney revealed the gender of their grandchildren

77-year-old Nina Warren, the mother of Hollywood actor George Clooney – on the seventh heaven from happiness. The woman finally got grandchildren from his beloved son. Commenting on the happy news, she blabbed about what sex will be her grandchildren.

“I was told that a boy and a girl. This is so great! My husband and I are incredibly happy. Their names I not said – a lot of George and Amal” — said Nina.

Earlier, Mrs. Warren in an interview said that her son would be a great father, and Amal will be a wonderful mother.
The news of the pregnancy of the 39-year-old wife, the 55-year-old actor was a welcome surprise, especially when the couple has confirmed it – the rumors that Amal was pregnant were circulating before the wedding celebrities.
Recently about the future of the paternity of George and spoke of his close friend, also a Hollywood actor, Matt Damon.
“I can’t imagine what George will be a father. it seemed to me that he never solved on the child, and then twins.. I Have four, but they were born one after the other. All those diapers, sleepless nights. And then there’s two kids.. well, I don’t know” Damon said in an interview. And we’ll see.


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