The mother of Anatoly pashinina denied information about her son’s death

On the eve of the Russian news Agency wrote about the death of actor Anatoly Pashinin during the fighting in the Donbass. Today, September 8, the mother of the actor has denied media reports, saying that her family is all well.


September 7, users of social networks began to actively distribute information about the death of Anatoly pashinina. Later they were joined by writer Zakhar Prilepin, participating in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine. However, the battalion, where the service actor, claims his death was denied. In order to understand the situation, reporters in a telephone call addressed to the mother of Anatoly pashinina. According to the woman, her family are all well. All attempts to contact the actor directly without success.

Recall that in early August this year Anatoly Pashinin voluntarily went to the Donbass, that together with the Armed forces of Ukraine to resist the self-proclaimed militia DND and LNR. The actor regularly introduced the report on social networks and conducted on the territory of the Square of time. Almost all posts Pashinin reported that he liked in the Donbass, and at present he did not intend to leave the APU.