The mother of an illegitimate son of Jay-Z begs to acknowledge the child as his

American rapper Jay-Z, he is the husband of popular singer Beyonce continues to deny his relationship to the 23-year-old of Rimera of Satterwaite. How did you manage to find out RadarOnline reporters, Wanda (the name of the young man’s mother is dying and all he wants dying woman to a celebrity finally took Rimera like a native.

A source close to satterwhite, reports that forty-year-Wanda – large of heart problems. Many times she was on the brink of death, and every minute could be her last.
“Wanda’s health has deteriorated markedly in 2009, and in 2012 she was placed in a medical coma to save her life. She could not breathe and she had big problems with the heart” — said the insider. A woman realizes that she may die any moment and wants her son had at least one close person beside his father.
Now Rimir is under the guardianship of his godmother Lillie Colley, a close friend of Wanda’s. The last several months in the hospital, breathing through a ventilator. Meanwhile, Jay-Z denies paternity, but for some reason refuses to do a DNA test, which can put an end to this story. Well, or a comma, if the paternity is still to be confirmed.
Recall that shocking information on the illegitimate child Jay-Z was released in April of this year, when Wanda released a video message, urging the rapper and media Mogul to recognize the son. Insiders claim that the woman never asked the father for his son, and now would not do it, if she wasn’t in critical condition.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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