“The most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks is cheating on his wife

She walked with him all the hardships, waited for his release from prison and had children, but that it was not enough. Male model Jeremy Meeks who was called “the Most beautiful criminal”, enthusiastically making out on a snow-white yacht in Turkey with the heir to a fortune Chloe green. 33-year-old model and daughter of British billionaire Sir Philip green, owner of the popular online clothing store Topshop, spent the weekend at the resort. The paparazzi caught all their tenderness, and images flew around the world.

Apparently, 2-Leny Chloe do not mind the social status of its 33-year-old chosen one. She enjoyed his arms around his tattooed body and kissed under sail. As if anticipating a negative attitude to his new novel, Chloe published them with Jeremy’s photos on his page in the social network and signed it: “Just the beginning.. We appreciate your love and hate.”
The Mix and his wife Melissa has not commented on these pictures. On the last page in the social network is still the status of “the wife of Jeremy Meeks,” and last month she published a photo with the father of her children.
Recall that Jeremy became famous in 2014 when a picture of him in prison garb and was in publication. Its release could not wait for not only his family, but also agents modeling agencies who offered him a contract. The mix did not miss such a chance and is already out on the podium. Sometimes the attitude of the designers, and the public, is reprehensible, but mostly all support the guy who is trying to get on the right path.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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