“The most handsome felon” Jeremy Meeks debuted at fashion Week in new York

Jeremy Meeks, or as it is called “the Most beautiful criminal”, began his star trek. He stumbled and decided to change my life for the better young man debuted at fashion Week in new York.

31-year-old aspiring male model has introduced a new collection of Philipp Plein brand, and from the auditorium looked at him Kylie Jenner, Madonna, Pris Hilton and many other celebrities. For Jeremy it was evident that he was doing a – toned body in a clear and confident step. Although not young age, the Mix model predict a great future.

Recall that in 2014, Jeremy fell in with bad company and was arrested for illegal possession of weapons. The Mix accidentally fell into the social network, and it is, as they say, woke up famous. Now an ex-con millions of fans worldwide and a contract with modeling Agency White Cross.
While still in prison, Jeremy began to get offers from modeling agencies. They did so much that the guy was difficult to make a decision. Immediately after his release, he signed a contract and began to prepare to enter the podium. Well, congrats to him!

Source: http://kymx.cbslocal.com
Photo: http://kymx.cbslocal.com

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