The most beautiful criminal will debut on the Paris catwalk

Jeremy Meeks, who is called “the most beautiful criminal”, is determined to connect his life with the modeling business, and this man decided to get rid of their tattoos.

The popularity came to him when he was still under investigation, Jeremy was in jail for two years for possession of firearms and ammunition. Jim Jordan, an agent of modeling Agency White Cross Management, based in Los Angeles, noticed him and decided to make him a star of the modeling business.
The representative of the Agency a few weeks in contact with his wife Melissa, Jeremy Curl, which all this time was the link between her husband and dozens of managers. At first Jim was not allowed to meet with his new charges, but when Meeks left the walls of the prison, Jordan promised him a fast and successful career. Myself until Jeremy speaks to reporters, but his agent tells him the place. In an interview with New York Magazine he said:
“When I first talked to Jeremy, he didn’t know how to behave. His former circle of friends is very different from mine, it’s not like any one person that I know. He was never familiar with either models or actors or anyone from the world of show business. He grew up among gangs, surrounded by criminals, but I realized that this guy is the real thing, and this is his kind heart. I see that he wants to change, wants to be better,” the agent said and added that Jeremy is in the gym three or four hours a day, he got rid of the tattoos and lead a healthy lifestyle.
“It’s like he was created for this business. It all fits great, he has nice facial features and straight white teeth” — said Jordan and admitted that after a few hours Jeremy will participate in the fashion show in Paris.
“I don’t want Jeremy just appeared and said, “Hey, I was in prison”. Meeks has message to society: help to pick up the weapons from the hands of children!” summed up the agent.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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