The Moscow arbitration court dismissed the claim of the parents of Jeanne Friske

Most likely, the parents of Jeanne Friske will still have to return to the charity Fund “Rusfond” 21 million rubles, which went missing after the death of their daughter.

Vladimir and Olga Kopylova has submitted to arbitration court of Moscow the claim, which was trying to annul the agreement with Rusfond on rendering charitable aid of their daughter. However, the arbitration court dismissed the lawsuit. “The court has found that the economic nature of the dispute of this claim a is not seen”, — explained the decision of a court.

The dispute between the family of Jeanne Friske and Rusfond is already more than a year. The money that remained from the treatment of the singer, completely disappeared. It is proved that they took the parents of Jeanne, but they did not want to return deposited in their pockets millions.