The mistress of Alexei Chicita got from leading. Video

So, the address of Alexandra from the audience showered “lot of criticism” for its irresponsible behavior during a party when she slept with Alex. Moreover, the young man gave very clear that their night is nothing more than coincidence, and it is unlikely something similar could happen again in the foreseeable future, the website life-dom2.su.

However, much more than all said Alexei, Sasha touched unflattering comments Vlad kadoni. On the show “analysis” in urban apartments Kadono made fun of big lips girls by comparing them to the backside of the monkey. Added fuel to the fire and Cicic, noting that, increasing the lips, Sasha wanted to be like the beauties of social networking, but clearly not up to their level.

“And Kadono as the leading in recent times quite rude! Felt that answer will not follow after the insult, and that demeans the participants, more and more humiliating! Look at this circus with each ether more and more unbearable!” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.