The minor daughter stood up for Panin in court

Here took place the trial of Alexei Panin, the infamous Russian actor who is in a permanent state of war with his ex-wife Yulia Yudintseva for their child – the daughter of the NUS. According to the court, the daughter should live with her mother, and Panin is obliged to pay the alimony on its maintenance, but Alex did anyway: he’s kidnapped daughter from his ex-wife and refuses to pay child support, citing the fact that the NUS and so lives with him. Julia has filed a lawsuit demanding to attract ex-spouse for contempt of court and failure to pay child support. During the hearing, the judge wanted to hear the opinion of the daughter of the former spouses.

According to the artist, the NUS told the court that he wants to live with his father.
“Of course, the daughter’s opinion is taken into account, and if she was not nine, but ten years, according to the law, her word would be final and she would still be with me according to the law. For many it was a revelation of the fact that the NUS told the court” — said Panin, and said that the girl confessed to alcohol addiction of the mother. Supposedly the mother often drank and left her alone, sometimes even forgetting to feed the baby.
The recent story of the dog (one of the TV channels showed a video in which a man, very similar to Alexis, sex with animals), according to Panin – the handiwork of his ex-wife, want to “mix it with the dirt”.

Source: http://www.kp.ru
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