The Ministry of culture of Ukraine does not know where will take place “Eurovision-2017”

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine has postponed indefinitely the choice of the city, which will host the international music contest “Eurovision-2017”. The Minister of culture Evgeny Vashchuk admitted that “financial difficulties” influence the decision of the Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the venue of the international music event Ukraine had to decide by July 27. The choice was determined between Kiev, Dnieper and Odessa. The press-Secretary of Department Yulia Dotsenko already said that before 1 August the proud will choose.
The competition in the capital of Ukraine interfere with another event. Eurovision should pass on may 19 and 21 starts the world championship on hockey which should pass in one of the biggest sites – the Palace of sports. The Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov believes that two days is not enough to properly prepare for the new event after the music contest.
It is noteworthy that, because of the difficult financial situation of the country, the new site will be made and will cost those that are already available. Mayor Vladimir Klitschko first proposed to build an arena on the Metropolitan highway but hardly in the budget there will be “extra” $ 70 million for it. According to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander Danilyuk, a need to “soberly assess their capabilities and benefit from Eurovision”.

Source: http://interfax.com.ua
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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