The mercury retrograde period in December 2017

Compared to the other planets, mercury is retrograde very often. In 2017 it will move in the opposite direction last time in December, returning to normal almost before the New Year.

Mercury is retrograde an average of 4 times a year. Try to prepare for this period, because the end of the year is very important for all without exception. Will start the last retrograde period of mercury on 3 December and will end on the 23rd of the same year, that is will last about 20 days. If the tide has turned against you, return your happiness will be your main objective.

The positive side of mercury retrograde

This time it’s 20 days, the planet will be under the influence of Sagittarius. This means that the careful, but forward motion is better to make a priority. This is a positive time for anyone who knows how to keep the blows of fate. Events will very quickly replace each other, but this is good news, because Sagittarius will help to structure plans and to set the priorities for the coming period.

The period of reverse motion of mercury, but still in Sagittarius is a great time for planning for the future. Try to learn to balance between the current day and tomorrow.

3 through December 23, you can bring order to your inner world, because I doubt at the time of retreat, giving you more freedom. Try to consider every situation from all angles. You can manage getting rid of the negative programs that have accumulated over autumn. Try not to dwell in seclusion in a designated period of time. You will be lucky in love and finding her.

The negative side of mercury retrograde

The stay of a planet in the Sign of Sagittarius will make you more selfish and obsession with their personal problems. It can badly affect relationships with people in General. Increase the desire to quickly achieve reciprocity, so do not rush, do not drive horses. Give any relationship “infuse” not to commit wrong act.

Love between 3 and 23 December will be very dangerous and unpleasant. Astrologers are advised in any case not to plan a wedding during a mercury retrograde. Other things can be in development without any problems, but love using only what you have right now. Do not give empty promises, if you do not want loved ones turned away from you right before the New year.

Mercury retrograde can deprive you of punctuality. It clouds the mind, preventing people from thinking clearly and correctly to make decisions. Between 3 and 23 December will be dangerous its ambiguity and emotionality. If you have someone hurt in word or deed, just forgive that person. Forgive quickly, otherwise the desire for revenge will win a positive attitude and you will go astray, losing the chance to return everything to normal.

Avoid jealousy and envy in this period. Mercury retrograde will not forgive your pettiness and desire to own all around. How to attract luck on your side, will tell you common sense and your life experience.