The meeting of Mars with Venus on 5 October 2017

5 Oct there will be a meeting of Mars and Venus. This means that in the night sky, the two planets will be near each other. In astrology, this phenomenon is of great importance.

The connection of Mars and Venus is a special aspect, because these two planets are both “hands” from the Ground. They do not contradict each other, but affect people in different ways. It is not just a aspect one day and the beginning of the special period, which will last until October 18 — parade of planets.

Parade of planets in October 2017

When the planets line up in a row and make a straight line in the night sky from the Ground it looks like all the planets are roughly in the same place. Venus and Mars will be in incredible proximity to each other. 5 and 18 number of this convergence is at a maximum, and then disappears altogether.

Closer to 18 the number of these two planets will join, and mercury. It will be a mini-parade, but the event will still be important. Better visibility of the planets will be closer to the Arctic circle in the Northern hemisphere. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to enjoy the sight even without a telescope, but this will require clear sky.

The astrological meaning of the meeting of Mars and Venus

In astrology, the connection of the two planets, especially such a powerful, refers to the combination of forces and weaknesses of one planet and another. In this case you will have quite a powerful dissonance, because Venus brings a bright energy, and Mars is dark.

This means that every person between 5 and 18 October will often pursue a good purpose and have clarity of purpose, but in the end it will turn out something chaotic. The same will happen with those who want to show its negative side. On the one hand, it’s good, but it will negatively affect your luck in General.

Of course, in love on October 5 and 18 will be pretty intense days, but this chaos can be beneficial to those people whose relationships are in crisis. The same thing can happen at work or a personal hobby. This period can cause you to have a burst of inspiration. The main thing — not to miss this moment, cutting off themselves from their own success.

In terms of health will be some problems, because the connection of Mars and Venus will increase your fatigue. Timely rest, if you do not want to lose power.

The meeting of Mars with Venus will elevate your mood, but can act completely the opposite. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Do not worry for nothing and be prepared for anything, because the period from 5 to 18 October can be very hectic.