The media found out who is the real mother of children Kirkorov

From the moment Philip had children, the press and his fans haunted by the question of who is the real biological mother of the kids. Assumptions were different. Many were convinced that this woman – a foreigner who also lives in the house Kirkorov and gives children a mother’s love and care.

These facts were not confirmed, because the question of motherhood remained open until recently, namely until the day of birth of the youngest heir to the singer Martin. 29 June the boy was four years old.

Kirkorov decided to make the son of the great holiday, which invited not only his friends but also his. Among the invitees was also a 48-year-old Natalia Efremova. For some time with the filing of the Philip Natalia considered the godmother of Martin and Alla-Victoria, however, recently the press has unearthed new evidence which suggests that Ephraim is the real mother of the children.

That Natalia is the mother of the children Kirkorov, the press said the environment of the artist. By the way, in favor of this version says also the incredible similarity of Martin and Alla-Victoria with Natalya.

How this can be true at the moment too early.

But recall that in 2011, Philip was told that he met a woman who has great chances to become the mother of his future children: “I met the woman who would become the mother of my children, — confessed the artist. But I am very superstitious people. Especially if it is connected with the future life of a child who, God willing, will be born. I’ll keep this secret. As much as I wanted something to tell and something to share… I Can say only one thing: we all came together, she was a good person.”

Later the man added that he was grateful to this mysterious lady because she saved him from his loneliness: “I am very grateful to this woman who saved me from loneliness, I committed this noble act, said Philip after the birth of her daughter and son. Seeing how I was alone, after going out the stage lights, the audience applause fades, spreading to their families, my creative team and I’m going back to a lonely, cold house… This woman gave me the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a happy father.”

By the way, in a television interview Kirkorov children blurted out that they live in the house, “mom Natasha”.

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