The media found out the gender of the third child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

A number of American media reported that the future, the third child the 36-year-old socialite Kim Kardashian and 40-year-old rapper and producer Kanye West it was a girl. Allegedly, the surrogate mother will give birth to her in January 2018, and will receive for their “services” 45 thousand dollars.


The us portal says that a notorious member of the reality show, the model and socialite Kim Kardashian is experiencing health problems until the development of diabetes. Therefore, it cannot bear a child without risk of losing it or not is to die. Kardashian herself confirmed this, citing two reputable physicians, who, in her words, she “trusts”.

It is reported that the child bears the surrogate mother who, according to some, a native of San Diego, California, and has experience of surrogate motherhood, and childbirth should take place in January. It is expected that it will be a girl.

The woman carrying the child of Kanye West and Kardashian, throughout pregnancy it is forbidden to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol and eat raw fish.

Recall that the expected child will be the third in the family of the star couple. Kim Kardashian and West are already raising 4-year-old daughter North West, and of the son St West, who in December 2017 will be two years.