The mayor of fuchuan has been on trial for the repost photo sub – 24???

The mayor of the city of INTA, Republic of Komi, Larissa Titovets has been on trial for the repost in the social network “Vkontakte” pictures of his slave, who posed in racy leopard print dress. It is reported by telegram channel Mash.

On the corresponding picture the girl lying on the couch covered with leopard skin. Repost Titovets was accompanied by the comment: “have you no shame”.

Later the girl began to insult in social networks, with the result that she had to quit her job and move to another city, where she filed a lawsuit against the mayor of the city of INTA. Does not specify in what court heard the case the victim.

The court sought compensation from Larissa Titovets in accordance with article 150, 151 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation for violation of privacy.

The mayor tried for a repost | MASH

We will remind that earlier the inhabitant of the Kaliningrad region was ordered to pay the employee a kindergarten 200 thousand rubles for accusations of prostitution.