The Matador was killed by a bull in Spain to live

The Matador was killed by a bull in Spain to live

For the first time in 31 years on bullfighting in Spain Matador died.

During the live broadcast of Saturday’s battle with the bulls 29-year-old bullfighter Victor Barrio failed to Dodge an angry 550-pound bull. The beast stabbed the Spaniard thigh, and then the lung and the aorta. Injuries were incompatible with life.

Viktor’s death once again raised the issue of the admissibility of the national sport of Spain live on TV (and like phenomena). Presenters bullfighting and managers of the TV channel that broadcasted the contest, refused to comment. But the printing press is almost unanimous in saying that there is no more senseless way to say goodbye to life than to tease the bull.

In Catalonia, region of Spain, which has long been fighting for independence, bullfighting is forbidden by the regional law, but in many other areas of Spain it is still considered a national treasure.

I wonder will it change something in this matter of the recent tragedy.


Source and photo: mediananny.com