The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle threatened

For many, the wedding of the British monarch Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is only a matter of time. Despite the fact that Harry has not even officially passed the proposal of his foreign sweetheart, subjects of the Prince are sure that he will settle down with the actress and will live happily to a ripe old age. Of course, such a development it could be, if not one “but”: the journalists got hold of compromising information on Markle, where any relationship with the British Royal family can and most likely will be terminated.

A number of Western tabloids published a series of letters belonging to the niece Megan, 18 year old Noelle Rasmussen. Apparently, the girl involved in extremist organizations that share many of the views of the Nazis.

Big reviewers, learning about the relationship of Megan with the representative of the extremist organization, immediately whispered that whatever feelings are experienced Harry to the actress, his marriage, according to strict rules, may not take place.

Recall that in order to intermarry with the Royal family, there are strict time limits under which and select future wives and husbands for the British monarchs. And if the lack of aristocratic descent can be compensated with the awarding of the title, as in the case of Kate Middleton, the presence of relatives with a radical political position can again erase all the other points of the rules.

Source: elle.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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