The marriage of aniston and Theroux have prevented Naomi watts

Fans of Jennifer aniston are sure that Justin Theroux is the man that the actress begged the higher powers. Actor and screenwriter Theroux Charley loves his faithful and trying not to do anything that would distress her.

However, the reason for concern Justin wife still tossed. According to publications In Style and the National Enquirer, the actress has a reason to be jealous of his spouse at a recent party Justin allowed himself to hug the other woman, than an incredibly pissed off Jen.

At the event, Theroux went one. There he met Naomi watts, with which it maintains friendly relations. Without a second thought, these two hugged, and the next day the world media published pictures of this moment. It is worth saying that all of this might look harmless if not for the recent breakup with Levon watts Schreiber. Now Naomi is absolutely free, so it can afford to behave more uninhibited than before. As they say informants, in some point Naomi is just “hung” on the neck of Justin, which he clearly didn’t mind.

How did you find the journalists, aniston was furious after learning about this behavior of her husband. The fact that ERU and watts recently maintained regular contact, they phoned and texted. This, of course, can not hurt, the star of “Friends” and not to beget in her mind about her husband’s infidelity.

To distract aniston from all the gossip and gossip, Theroux decided to travel to Mexico. There Jen met his 48th birthday. It would seem that the situation is settled. But as they say close to a pair of informants, it may be only the beginning of the end. The pair is now facing a crisis. Will they be able to cope with it, time will tell.

Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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