The mantra of rejuvenation and longevity

Starting to believe in the power of his own thoughts and words, you can radically change your life. And you need to start with the most important — health.

It is known that the energy flows in the right direction, helping to normalize life, become happier, improve your health, attract wealth and even to find love. Of all the spiritual practices are extremely effective are Tibetan mantras that make it easy to follow all the laws of prosperity.

How to work a Tibetan mantra

A sacred verbal formula, created in ancient times to this day help the people of Tibet to live a happy life, which stretches to an average of 130 years. Many may argue that all the climate, healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Of course, this is an important factor, but few managed to cross this age limit even with activity and lack of bad habits. The fact that the Tibetan doctrine helps to choose the path of least resistance: to be happy just because, not in spite of.

On the walls of Tibetan temples in the form of murals preserved ancient mantra, which to this day remain something sacred. It is a mystery that works, and effectively. Mantra — a combination of certain sounds, words and phrases, affecting the energy centers of the person’s consciousness and psyche. In short, sonic vibrations help to tune to a certain wave, find the frequency at which our life moves in the positive energy that changes reality.

The most important thing in human life is health. Good luck, love and money are important but without the former cannot be anything else. Tibetan monks are known this simple truth, therefore most famous for them is the mantra of rejuvenation and longevity, recite every day in the morning in the rays of the sun. With regular practice you will return to health, youth, beauty and vitality. You will feel happy, free and confident person who is capable of anything.

The mantra of rejuvenation and longevity

Any mantra written in Sanskrit. This is a very ancient language of India, with complex grammar and pronunciation. The word “Sanskrit” means “the sacredness, perfection”, and therefore not in vain the mantras give a sense of the sacred. Every word and every sound that fits them, sounds very insightful, kind-hearted, without rancor and hostility.

First and foremost the mantra is directed at the creation. So before you begin reading, you should free your mind of all thoughts, negative or positive. You need to concentrate on the process. This will help the meditation that will set you on the harmony and inner peace.

The mantra of rejuvenation and longevity should get you in the habit. If you want to have the desired effect was not long in coming, then every day take a few minutes of your precious time for health promotion. Start your day off right, by saying (and better reading in a singsong voice) every morning seven times the sacred text:


Of course, nobody forbids to devote the mantra more time. Most importantly, the amount of rehash was divisible by the number seven. Seven is a sacred number, symbolizing eternal life, rejuvenation. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules and do not stray from the account. This can help you a rosary.

The power that is inherent in the mantra, you will notice literally in 7-10 days. The first symptoms will be felt:

improve the condition of the skin;
you will leave the lack of energy, melancholy and apathy;
the excess weight will gradually go away;
vision will change for the better;
normalizes sleep;
will increase energy and overall body tone;
displays vigor, activity and high spirits.

Don’t stop to do them, to simulate perfect themselves, to improve, to become better. “Healthy body, healthy mind” — a seemingly simple expression, and some important meaning. Only by finding balance with yourself, you’ll find it in the world. We wish you success. Be happy