The Manager once again left Charlie sheen

The infamous Hollywood actor, he’s the star of the show “Two and a half men” Charlie sheen was again left without a Manager. Western media reported that the actor and mark Burg Manager, who has worked with celebrity for many years and supported him in difficult period, broke up again.
The reasons for this decision none of the parties does not disclose, mark dryly answering questions of journalists that the decision was mutual.

“I did everything I could. He is ready for a big return, and I want to go back to producing” — said Burg.
56-year-old mark supported Charlie in a while, when he has identified HIV, he helped him to cope with the crisis and to declare publicly about the problem. thus getting rid of the Blackmailers in the face of ex-girlfriend of Bus and other who knew about the trouble the actor. Insiders lend themselves to doubt the words of Mark about the “big return” to Charlie, because in Hollywood he is considered “persona non grata”, and Bourg was the only man who had influence and were able to somehow negotiate the participation of Charlie’s projects.
Recall that this is not the first breakup of Mark and Charlie. In 2014, the Burg has gone from a Bus in connection with his inappropriate behavior and a succession of self-destructive scandals, the actor even was humiliated and called him on their pages in social networks. Later, however, a public apology, and it is possible that apologized to the dollar. What was the reason for their parting this time, we learn later, when all secrets will be revealed.

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