The Manager has filed a lawsuit against Chris brown for beating

Former Manager Chris brown’s Mike g (Mike G) has filed a lawsuit against his 27-year-old employer, claiming that he was putting his hands when they were working together.
As reported by TMZ, brown hired Mike in 2012. He had to change his image of a bully, which earned the singer in a series of related crimes, including, for beating his beloved Barbadian singer Rihanna. I must say that Mike managed to transform the role of Chris and make it more attractive to the public. but brown himself did not appreciate this.

In its lawsuit, the Manager claims that Kris dragged him to the dressing room and brazenly attacked, beaten in the face, the body, the neck, Mike was forced to contact the police and an ambulance. Now the victim wants Chris answered for the crime and compensated the non-pecuniary damage. Mike also reports that after beating Brauk wrote derogatory posts about him on their pages in social networks Twitter and Instagram are likely to shift the focus of the incident.

Mike — right, middle — happy bully Chris brown

By the way, this is not the first such accusations in the direction of the contractor arising from hired personnel. In 2016, several workers have addressed to militiamen with the statement that brown beat them because I was unhappy with their work.
Mike lawyer Patty Glaser told reporters that they wanted to settle the dispute amicably, but Kris has shown that he can be worst enemy” (probably agree they failed).
On his page in the social network, brown recorded a video in which he said that Mike filed for him in court, because Chris fired him, and he fired him for what the Manager allegedly stole money from him. At the end of the video brown wished former Manager all the best and assured that he will defend the truth until the end. We’ll see whom the court will believe.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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